My Newswithviews Column, June 3 (‘Three Abominations–Shall We Try for Four?’)

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Bad enough I have to write about this stuff. I won’t show pictures of it! Have a nice grey tree frog instead.

What if everybody does it?

What if everybody aborts their babies, practices “gay marriage,” and gets their kids to be “transgender”?

By and by, nobody left.

Three Abominations—Shall We Try for Four?

In That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis argued that Satan’s end goal was the erasure of all life from the earth. Did he get that right!

But King Solomon beat him to it: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36)

What’ll I Write for Newswithviews?

Why do cats go batshit crazy in the middle of the night? |

While Big Tech plays with the search engines to make conservative blog posts hard to find, we can do nothing but hang on and put our trust in God. So we keep on working.

I try to write my weekly Newswithviews piece on Tuesday. I’ve got an idea that won’t go away. I’d like to know what my blog readers think of it.

Three abominations have been imposed on America in my lifetime: abortion; normalization of homosexuality; and “transgender.” All three were once considered sins (if a man running around asserting he was a woman was worth considering at all). All three are now in that “How dare you!” category: no criticism allowed.

We also have Criticial Race Theory, which they’re trying to load onto us, but that’s suddenly run into unexpected opposition. Really, you’ve got to sneak these things into the culture, not bring them on with a brass band. You want people to wake up wondering whether someone moved them to another country while they slept.

Big Tech, the Democrat Party, and our Free & Independent Nooze Media are doing their damnedest (and I do mean “damned”) to “fundamentally transform” America into a gigantic mental hospital run by inmates.

Pushback has only just started. They had to steal our presidential election to get our attention.

Pray it hasn’t started too late.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Scalped Babies

File:Christ the Judge and Praying Angels, 1365-69, Milan, Pinacoteca di  Brera..jpg - Wikimedia Commons

There is a Judge of all the earth, and He will not ignore this.

It distresses me to have to report such nooze as this; but we have to know what we’re up against.

Under the, uh, leadership of Dr. Fudgy Fauci, the National Institute of Health gave the University of Pittsburgh a $400,000 grant for an “experiment” in which the scalps of aborted babies were affixed to shaved rats to see if it would grow hair on the rats ( Mice, too. The idea was to create “humanized” rats and mice to study the human immune system. A petition has been gotten up against it.

These people have no fear of God at all. But He will judge them nevertheless.

Can you imagine doing things like this for a living? Scalping aborted babies.

And it’s done with public money–that we worked for. Not that anybody asked us first. But then they never ask.

Science marches on–straight toward the edge of the cliff.


Cardinal Burke: ‘Pro-Choice’ Pols Are Apostates

Pope Replaces Conservative U.S. Cardinal on Influential Vatican Committee -  The New York Times

Cardinal Burke

As America’s Democrat politicians act to expand the abortion industry, Cardinal Raymond Burke refuses to countenance their evil work–especially when it’s done by politicians who pass themselves off as Catholic (

These, he said on his website this week, are apostates–and should be denied communion.

Killing babies and selling their body parts is flagrantly against Biblical and Church teaching–so why does the Catholic Church in America, more often than not, allow politicians who “publicly and obstinately” support and promote abortion to receive communion?

The excuse offered by many churchmen is that they’re simply averse to “politicizing the Eucharist.” It’s hard to decide what to call this–arrant hypocrisy or just plain bunk. “Moral cowardice” might fit; and “corruption” also springs to mind.

The cardinal says his remarks were prompted by people constantly asking him why those politicians continue to receive communion despite their “refusal to live in accord to the fundamental truth of faith and morality.”

He is trying to provide guidance that certain priests and bishops have chosen not to provide.

We salute Cardinal Burke as a Christian hero standing against a widespread evil in an evil age.

Many of those pro-abortion politicians, in between trips to church, are also on the bandwagon for “transgender,” homosexuality, and other sins that have morphed into public policies and political movements.

It hardly needs to be said that many Protestant church leaders are just as guilty of the same.

In Pursuit of Extinction

Cult Movie: Remember those scary skeletons from Jason And The Argonauts? -  The Irish News

Let me say up front that I don’t believe, not for a minute, that God will allow the extinction of the human race. Nevertheless, the Smartest People In The World are ardently pursuing it. Gotta reduce the human population, say Bill & Melinda Gates.

To that end, our weird and iffy government has enacted policies that seem purposely designed to put us under.

*They’re committed to the idiotic insanity of “transgender,” big-time. And if you really want troubled sleep, start trying to imagine what they’ll come up with after this.

*They’ve ruptured our nation’s southern border, allowing and encouraging multitudes of people to swarm into America illegally, with no checking for diseases. Mass migrations and exchanges of disease is what Bob Bakker thinks killed off the dinosaurs. It certainly wouldn’t have helped.

*They keep trying to expand the abortion industry.

*They allow and encourage rioting throughout our cities, and spice it up by fomenting racial animosities.

*Their government schools, by dint of “Critical Race Theory,” teach children to hate their country, themselves, and each other.

Stop there. It’s depressing enough already.

The question is, for how long can we pursue these crazy policies without turning our country into a train wreck? It’s been done to other countries. Why not ours? And then they can declare, “Well, hell, all that freedom and liberty stuff doesn’t work, we’ll have to be more authoritarian or everybody’s gonna die!” Kiss our republic goodbye.

Another question: will God Almighty stop them?

Pray often. Pray hard.


Abortion at All Costs

Blessing' abortion clinics won't help women

All aboard the Hell-bound train!

Democrats love abortion and will do just about anything to keep the abortion industry in business even while everything else shuts down. Why this should be, who knows? I think it’s just because they’re so profoundly evil.

And so in Pennsylvania a bill to expand telemedicine–providing health care at home to persons who, because of The Great Quarantine, can’t go to the doctor’s office–has been vetoed by the state’s Democrat governor–

–because it “excluded access” to “at-home, drug-induced abortions” (

What? No DIY abortions? Well, then, no health care for anybody! Give me abortion or give me death! (Uh… wait a minute…) It’s either health care with abortions or no health care at all!

I don’t see how assassinating a baby is any kind of “health care,” but that probably makes me Anti-Science or something.

What a dismal reflection on our country, that we still have Democrats in public office. They’re gutting the economy, threatening citizens with jail if they disobey the mayor or the governor, and no matter what else happens, they keep the abortion mills going. That is a special kind of loathsomeness–and we have let these people put their boot-heels on our throats.

Shame, shame, shame on us.

Buttigieg (or however he spells it): Vileness on Parade

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I will not publish a picture of that person. Here are two tree frogs instead.

Hey! Did you know stories about abortion are a true national morale booster? Ask presidential wanna be Pete Whatsit: he says, “We are all lifted up” by abortion stories (

And this–provide your own noun here–has the gall to go traipsing around with a Bible in his dirty hand…

Well, he sez, abortion isn’t about killing a baby. It’s about “freedom”! And “rights”! Like, “Part of American freedom is woman’s freedom to make own [his English, not mine] reproductive decisions–”

And here’s the rest of it. “–And freedom doesn’t exist if there is not funding for low-income abortion services.” By “funding” he means taxes wrung out of people who apparently don’t have the freedom to have nothing to do with abortion. Mayor Whatsisname would force them to pay for something they know to be a mortal sin. Mr. Bible.

This man’s mere appearance in public, let alone his presidential candidacy, is a national disgrace.

But the existence of Planned Parenthood, and an abortion industry, is a bigger one.

Infanticide Governor Got $2 Million in Campaign Cash from Planned Parenthood

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip.)

This is a bit rich, isn’t it?

Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia, who earlier this year supported a “live birth abortion” bill in his state, received almost $2 million in campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood Virginia (, according to news sources.

“Live birth abortion” means killing the baby as it’s being born, or shortly afterward. It is a Democrat euphemism for infanticide. After the rest of the country found out about it, the bill was defeated in the Virginia legislature.

Northam received $1,996,346 from Planned Parenthood Virginia, most of it during his 2017 campaign for governor. Nice, huh? Our politicians donate half a billion dollars of our tax money, per year, to Planned Parenthood, and then get some of it back from Planned Parenthood when they run for office.

Northam got out from under the infanticide scandal when his old college yearbook pictures showed him posing in blackface and being all palsy with a couple of guys in KKK outfits. The resulting brouhaha diverted attention from Northam’s support for the infanticide bill. And waddaya know–he’s still in office.

These things will continue to happen for as long as American voters permit Democrats to hold elective office.

My Newswithviews Column, April 4 (‘I Am Liberalism’)

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Liberalism in practice, on one of its better days.

Well, here it is–the NWV column which my wife says is one of the best things I’ve ever written.

I Am Liberalism

One could, of course, spend the whole day simply listing the defects of liberalism. That they call themselves “progressives” now, instead of liberals, shows we’ve made some progress in exposing them. That they are increasingly resorting to the bald-faced label “socialist” must indicate one of two things: either they’re getting overconfident, for some sinister reason which has not yet dawned on us, or they’re getting desperate.

The Democrat Party is liberalism.

Please don’t ever vote for any Democrat, anywhere, ever again.

‘Unplanned’ Movie Review

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Chalcedon’s Andrea Schwartz has reviewed what is surely going to be one of the most talked-about movies of the year: Unplanned.

It’s the story of a woman who went from abortion receiver, to Planned Parenthood volunteer, then Planned Parenthood officer–and finally, pro-life activist.

I wonder if the movie-makers knew that at roughly the same time as their movie would come out, Democrats in several state would be moving beyond abortion into actual infanticide.

O Lord our God! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen.