Klepto Kitties

I go to post this cat video, and Pope Francis comes up instead. By all means, let’s have computers in charge of our missile defense system.

I’m happy to say our two cats never try to steal human food. They just keep asking for it till they get it–provided it’s suitable for feline consumption. So we can’t make a video like this, and it seems some folks out there are fostering delinquency among their cats. Nor would I care to eat or drink something that a cat has been pawing. I mean, they walk around on the floor and all…

Even so, watch their faces and see the wheels turning.

7 comments on “Klepto Kitties

  1. Good call, Linda. 🙂

    How can we see these furry little troublemakers and not love them? They are so clever, so cute and so absolutely innocent.

    1. Computer problems all night long: solved, minutes ago.
      Cat problems: give ’em something to eat. Or comb ’em. Or just grab ’em and snuggle ’em. Lots of things work.

    2. I agree. I work with computer problems all day long, then I come home and greet my cat. All I have to do is feed her, clean her litter box and give her the occasional back rub and she’s happy as can be. I get lots of kitty kisses too.

  2. I have one cat who is an obnoxious scrounge. If you have food, you can’t turn your back on her for a second. She has a particular fondness for dairy products and salmon. And yeah, those little paws are gross…think litterbox. She’s 17 yrs old though, so what can you do? At her age it’s a blessing she can still jump up on the table.

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