‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’ (Again)

Pardon me for resorting again to this hymn, Behold the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Godfrey Birtill. It reminds me that there has to be–and will be–something better than this present evil age: the Mountain of the Lord shall surely rise; for the Lord hath spoken it.

2 comments on “‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’ (Again)

  1. With all the volcanic activity going on in Hawaii right now, you couldn’t have chosen a better hymn, Lee. Thank you!

  2. Sensational lyrics! As my wife & I went to vote in the primary election today, my good Christian friend who is running for State Senator had just arrived with his sign and umbrella (it’s hot out in the sun). Want to see American politics improve? Support and elect committed Bible-believing Christians with good testimonies.

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