Cat Snubs Raccoon

Many humans have noticed that cats are masters of the art of ignoring you. Like they can’t see or hear you. Like you’re not there. But they don’t do this only to humans. Watch this raccoon try every trick she knows to get the cat to play with her.

I had always heard that raccoons were temperamental wild animals, not safe to mess around with; but I’m seeing more and more videos of raccoons living in people’s homes as pets. I’ll have to consult Mr. Nature.

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3 responses to “Cat Snubs Raccoon

  • UnKnowable

    Each species seems to have its own body language and customs for initiating play, but amazingly, they seem to be able to understand one another’s intentions. I think that cat was just being a cat, which is to say that he wasn’t interested nor about to be swayed in that direction.


  • Erlene

    He wasn’t going anywhere, either. Seemed to be indicating that the spot belonged to him, and the racoon could just get over it and move on.


  • David Ingram (@debater2016)

    Some say cats naturally have LSD in their brains and are tripping like this cat 🙂


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