Very Weird School ‘Policy’: Smile–or Else!

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If you still think there might be sane people somewhere involved with public education, consider this.

In the North Lebanon, Pennsylvania, school district, the school policy is that students must smile in the hallway or else be put into “counseling”–and if that doesn’t work, detention (

“Northern Lebanon officials,” says the news report from Pittsburgh, “did not explain what the purpose of the smiling policy was or what it is supposed to achieve.”

Kowabunga. R.J. Rushdoony would say its purpose is to enforce conformity and assert its power. I’d say he was right. Otherwise it’s just plain craziness. We can’t rule that out.

Really, people–do you want your children and grandchildren “educated” by these kooks?

If you walk around grinning all the time, don’t answer that.

4 comments on “Very Weird School ‘Policy’: Smile–or Else!

  1. I like to smile. I make it a point when I am buying something to smile at the cashier and say “hi.” If they have a name tag, I always say their name as I thank them for serving me. I also like to make conversation (if they are willing – and most people are). A smile disarms people, especially senior citizens who faces naturally relax into a frown look – they will usually smile right back. But to force people to smile or use it as a manipulation, that is corrupt.

  2. Somehow I picture the smile like that of those videos in North Korea when you see the visitation of the Dear Leader to the people…

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