Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045

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Warning: The article from the UK Sun contains material that can only be described as disgusting. Read at your own risk.

Hey! People are “already making love to sex robots”–merciful heaven, is that what they call it?–and robots will soon be able to “surpass” human beings in everything, and will “awaken” by 2035 and soon acquire full civil rights as if they were human… so by 2045, the stage will be set for humans to “marry” androids (https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/6366262/marry-robots-sophia-harmony-hanson-2045/).

It’s all in a paper by some kook of a scientist, released in conjunction with (oh, please) a video game.

“How would you like to be married to a hyper-intelligent hybrid?” asks the “news” article. Gee, would that mean I had totally lost the ability to relate to another human being?

Ever get the impression you took a wrong turn somewhere, and wound up in Oz? In any discussion of “Artificial Intelligence,” the key word, the word that really matters, is “Artificial.” Not real! A mere simulation of reality! And it will not be more “intelligent” than we are, although it could easily turn out to be just as bleeding stupid. 

A chess computer is held to be “good at chess,” for instance, A) because it has been programmed by experts who are real chess masters, B) because it’s a machine, an opponent cannot attack its psychology: it has no psychology, C) it can do chess calculations at lightning speed, almost infallibly picking the best move out of hundreds of possibilities, and D) although it has no genuine insight into anything that happens on the chessboard, it is immune to weariness or boredom and able to repeat its staggering number of calculations every time the situation changes because the opponent has made another move. The chess computer can defeat human players because of those factors listed above. “Intelligence” has nothing to do with it!

Just try explaining that to some numbskull of a reporter.

At best, the quest for Artificial Intelligence is a waste of resources. At worst it is a folly; and a folly can turn around and bite you. Hard.

14 comments on “Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045

  1. Since marriage can be redefined, there’s no reason it can’t be redefined further until it is ultimately meaningless.

    1. Marriage, in the sense of how secular law defines it, has changed dramatically in my lifetime. We’ve even seen examples of people marrying themselves. My own take is that at some point it will be broken down to civil unions which have no spiritual aspect. At that point, marriage could become a church function while the civil union would be the legal side of it.

  2. I imagine robots for sexual pleasure will become a big industry in an evil and adulterous generation, but marrying them? That’s too dystopian for me to wrap my mind around – may we have a Great Awakening before then.

    1. There is a lot of research going into sex robots and apparently this is becoming a very real thing. I can’t believe it. How could someone experience anything so absolutely meaningless and come away feeling anything but frustrated?

      Sex is an experience of two individuals. The thrill of is is in the intimacy. Frank Abagnale Jr. the real life subject of the book and movie Catch Me If You Can, wrote that his sexual exploits left him unsatisfied. Meaningless sex will only leave a person frustrated. Having sex with a robot would be far less meaningful.

      Sex robots are utter folly!

    2. Please Lee! I’m at work. How will I contain my passions for the next hour or so before I can go home and visit the toaster oven? 🙂

      You are dead right, sir. Sexual intercourse is much more than a physical act. It involves the psyche and the heart. When a relationship is good, the attraction between a couple is good. When the relationship is bad, the sexual attraction will be reduced. Having been divorced, I speak from experience. When the love left the marriage the attraction left with it.

      If it were as simple as many people think it is, your toaster oven would do the trick; but it doesn’t. Even people whom are promiscuous in youth frequently settle down with a lifelong mate once they mature. Sadly, some people become hooked on the excitement of sheer lust and are not able to reform so easily.

      The moral guidance of the bible is a warning, first and foremost. Violating those moral laws, at any age, is an invitation to trouble.

  3. Unfortunately, this isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for years – as a concept. Now, apparently, they mean it for real. There were two Twilight Zone episodes about such things – both starring Jack Warden: ‘The Lonely’ and ‘Fake Love’. In both of these episodes, he has a robot wife.

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