Do Cats Have a Union?

In fact, cats don’t need a union. They’re already experts at work stoppage. Whatever you’re working at, they know how to stop it. This is one of the reasons why I write outdoors. At the keyboard, in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter where–they just hate to see you wasting time that could be spent on them.

Starring Cole & Marmalade, big youtube stars.

3 comments on “Do Cats Have a Union?

  1. Not only do they not need a Union, but they seem to know the precise location of that ‘spot’ – the one that completely prevents your work continuation 🙂

    Cats rule, and they don’t want us to forget it! lol

  2. I can top this. Anyone ever try to perform guitar repair with a cat in the room? Just changing strings becomes an ordeal. If you are fishing wires inside a hollow-body guitar a cat will lend its “expertise” and make things impossible. 🙂

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