I Asked, and It Was Given

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Ice Age hyenas with their kill, a wild boar: the mammoth and horses in the background are lucky the boar came along when it did.

With two deaths in the family coming virtually back-to-back, I haven’t been quite at my best lately. Not good: because I have a book to write, and the weather has held me back considerably. I’ve written a couple of chapters of His Mercy Endureth Forever, but as of this morning, I still didn’t know where it was going. Note I said “didn’t,” not “don’t.” Because now I think I know.

So I sat outside with my cigar and asked the Lord to give me the story He wants me to tell: and He has. Like, right away. All I had to do was ask.

Now I know why He gave me that title, and why He gave me Ice Age extra-large and ferocious cave hyenas, without an Ice Age to go with them. Now I can proceed.

Thank you, Father. It’s a weird way to write, but so far it’s carried me through ten Bell Mountain books, plus two awards.

3 comments on “I Asked, and It Was Given

  1. Excellent! You’ve got me hooked already! 🙂 And as far as just asking Father goes, I can’t even count all the times that’s been true in my life, and I truly thank Him for that.

  2. “Ask and you shall receive” is not a cliche – it is for real for those who believe the Gospel with all their hearts. As they say, “Wright on, Brother” – or something similar to that 🙂

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