A Pleasant Afternoon

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Several items in the news got our blood boiling this morning, so we spent most of our Memorial Day afternoon doing the jigsaw puzzle pictured above, “Deer Cove Market.” It’s one of our favorites.

We had to do it with a cat wandering around on top of it, trying to sit in the box, bumping her head into our faces, and providing a level of difficulty the manufacturers had not anticipated. Thanks so much, Robbie. But she means well; and anyway, we did manage to finish the puzzle.

Feeling ever so nice and calm now!

10 comments on “A Pleasant Afternoon

  1. Jigsaw puzzles are one of my favorites. The biggest one I’ve done is 5000 pieces. Sometimes my mom and I would be up all night doing jigsaw puzzles together. The newer types without borders are a bit tricky and so are the 3-D puzzles that you build from the bottom up! 🙂

    1. There are any number of things you can’t do in any apartment with two cats. A great big jigsaw puzzle is one of them.

    2. That’s for sure! I had a spare room where I hung the ‘no kitties allowed’ sign when I was working on one of those 🙂 (occasionally one of them got in anyway – even chewed up one of the pieces!)

    3. As smart as she is, my cat can’t read a sign that says “No Kitties Allowed”. She always interprets it as, Kitties Allowed (to do whatever they want). 🙂

  2. What a nice time for the Memorial Day weekend. That picture reminds me of my Aunt Lillie’s old home, only hers was larger, but same style.
    I always loved going there.

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