I Won’t Be Here Tomorrow

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Dagnabbit, I just remembered! I have to spend all morning tomorrow vegetating in the eye doctor’s waiting room, it usually takes hours–so I won’t be able to post anything unless I manage to get up real, real early and at least post a hymn or something. I’ll try to do that.

Meanwhile, readers, especially new readers: look, I’ve got an archive going back six years, there’s plenty of stuff to read… so please don’t desert me. I’ll be back this afternoon, Lord willing. Back with a head addled by exposure to daytime TV. *sigh*

6 comments on “I Won’t Be Here Tomorrow

  1. Don’t worry, Lee. It’ll be fun walking through the archives – sort of like unwrapping a surprise 🙂 You may have dilated pupils for a bit as well. Prayers as always.

    1. You’ll have to settle for non-gender specific ’cause I have those too lol and they fit over my prescription glasses – not that I can see at that point. 🙂

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