My Newswithviewscolumn, May 31 (UK’s Political Prisoner)

I rack my brain about it, but there’s just no way I can understand Western Europe’s immigration policies. And in order to shield their own insane policy from hostile questions, Britain’s rulers are protecting pedophiles.

Governments are supposed to protect the governed–not offer them up as appeasement offerings to those who want to destroy them.

Their actions are inexplicable.

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  1. Excellent article, as always, Lee. I fear the left in this country, with its sanctuary cities and their push for open borders , is headed down the same path – protecting the criminals while neglecting the victims and our country, along with our sovereignty.

    1. It’s dazzling to behold–but at least Chuck Schumer offers a reason for it: they want to replace the electorate.

    2. Good ol’ cryin’ Chuck. That just proves their real intentions – illegals will vote demorat (intentional misspelling). They’re busily redistricting in some areas, too, and not shy in saying why. The same reason – votes for the demorats.

    1. Hmmm…. They spend oodles of public money educating kids to believe there’s no God, no truth, that the government will take care of them no matter what, that they can do anything they want… and then they’re mystified when these people grow up and stab each other the moment anyone crosses them in any way?

  2. “God ordained the civil government to keep order, restrain evildoers, and punish those who would not be restrained, so that the rest of the population can go about its peaceful daily business without fearing for their lives or property (Romans Chapter 13). A civil government that is unable, or even unwilling, to protect its own citizens has no reason for existing. Such a government is not only illegitimate, but ungodly.”

    Well stated. If a civilization cannot protect its women from rape or its children from sexual predation, IMO this is no longer a functioning civilization. Overpowering someone and then forcing yourself on them sexually is a barbaric act. There is no excuse, no justification for such things. Frankly, I think Britain is done for unless something happens to turn things 180 degrees and it had better happen soon, or there will be nothing left to save.

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