The Danger Next Door

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Imagine my trepidation when I looked out the window today and found that the people next door had set up a wading pool. One of the great works of world literature warns against this very thing.

I will do my best to remain a safe distance from it. You see, it’s not what’s in the wading pool that’s dangerous, but what may be under it. Burrowing. Crawling. Lurking. You try to walk past it, you get too close, and that’s that, you’re history. They’ll never know what became of you.

For readers who haven’t got the foggiest idea of what I’m talking about, visit the Archives and read some Oy, Rodney episodes.

6 comments on “The Danger Next Door

  1. Oh boy! You’d better keep an eye out for any mysterious disappearances in your area – and you may want to notify Lady Margo Cargo lest her upholstered leg gets anywhere nearby and slips! I dread to think of it!

  2. Scary stuff, Lee! Please be careful. When my wife was recovering from breast cancer surgery, I put up a wading pool in the backyard so she could relax in it with a large umbrella for shade, instead of our jaunts to the lake on the weekends. I never realized how close we came to disaster 🙂

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