Squirrel vs. Crow: The Winner Gets Pizza

My wife went out today to find a piece of pizza firmly wedged into the side-view mirror of her car. We surmised it was put there by a squirrel.

Here, the crow won’t allow the squirrel to relax and eat the pizza, and the squirrel won’t share. Enjoy the chase scene.

4 comments on “Squirrel vs. Crow: The Winner Gets Pizza

  1. Pizza – I see there are some discerning squirrels in this world 🙂 It looked like there was probably enough to share a morsel with the poor crow, and I do hope he was able to snag a little for himself. It was quite hilarious watching the chase, and what an unusual prize!

    1. I’m probably the only warm-blooded creature who won’t eat pizza. Patty sometimes gets it for herself, and it comes with more rolls than the two of us can eat. We toss them out for the squirrels, and they wind up in some unexpected places.

    2. Make that two. Pizza isn’t my favorite food either, although I will have it once in a great while. I’m not a fan of garlic either and people wonder just what sort of Italian I am 🙂 In actuality, that’s only part of my ancestry.

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