‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

This was a hymn my mother used to sing, or hum, as she did her housework. You heard it a lot around Grandma’s house, too: Sweet Hour of Prayer. I wish I knew who was singing it in this video.

I don’t know which moves me more–the beautiful singing, the beautiful lyrics of the hymn (by William Walford, 1845), or the beautiful places in the pictures. We used to have beautiful places around here: I am sure I didn’t dream them. But if I did, the waking-up is cruel.

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  1. Autumn leaves, fields of lavender flowers, lanes with canopies made of trees, crystal clear streams – we still have some of these things where we live – and I thank Our Father for each of them. Our hummingbird feeder has daily visitors and what a treat when one of the many chipmunks perches on my hand to have a snack. A peek at heaven . . .

  2. I always set aside time to begin my day with prayer. When I was working full-time I would get up at 4:15 to have time to pray before work. I did it for 37 years. Now I am retired and get up at 6:00 every morning (sleeping in 🙂 ) and always begin my day with prayer. How else does a Christian get directions for the day from the Head? Thanks for posting this beautiful video!

    1. Your post on Jesus’ miracles is my top-viewed post today, with 26 views so far. Remember, I reblogged it back on May 22; and today a lot of people want to read it.

    2. Praise God Lee! I scheduled it on my twitter to be shared this morning and I also did something new by experimenting with posting it on an apologetic sub on Reddit just to see the response.

  3. Thank you for the reminder of a well loved and often sung hymn, and
    a reminder of the church where I grew up.

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