As the ‘Science’ Gets Sillier and Sillier

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Are these people quite all there?

Below the disclaimer by MSN and Microsoft, we have an article from The Atlantic entitled “How Do Aliens Solve Climate Change?” ( I will not repeat the exclamation my wife uttered when she discovered it.

As we speak, a group of scientists (LOL) are “mapping out possible histories of alien planets” and “exo-civilizations” in hopes of gaining “insights into what might happen to us” if we continue with our “energy-hungry industrial civilization.” I dunno, it seems there’s something to be said for a civilization that makes food and housing readily available and even gives you air conditioning, to say nothing of toilet paper–but really, should those amenities be provided to us peasants?

How do they study the effects of an imaginary problem, “Man-Made Climate Change,” on something that probably does not exist? I mean, you can’t observe it–right? You can’t do that old-time science thing of studying what’s really there–not if you want to study an alien civilization on another planet.

Not to worry! All you gotta do is “build a simple model for the evolution of a civilization with its planet” and study that. You study something that exists only in your imagination. Sort of like performing a rigorous scientific study of Oz.

Can it get any sillier than this? Aw, studyin’ nature, that’s boring, man! And hard, too! We’d much rather study our own computer models that we made up.

And these people want to control our lives.


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