Please Make Obama Go Away

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From a new book by an adviser to President *Batteries Not Included, a comment by the man himself:

“What if we were wrong in being so right?” [Editor’s note: Right about what??? When were you ever right?] “What if we were too good for those people?” [Barf bag, please.] “Maybe we pushed too far. Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribes.”

If you thought this guy was narcissistic and self-enamored while he was in the White House, dig him now. Mr. Open Borders. Mr. Gay Mawwiage. Mr. “Jobs are never coming back.” Race-baiter to the whole nation. Far and away the worst president we ever had. One more like him, and that’s the end of us.

Mr. “Too good for those people.”

And, most mind-boggling of all–his designated successor, Crooked Hillary, would have been even worse. Would have finished the job on us.

If we ever again succumb to the madness of electing another Democrat president, we will have worked for our destruction.

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