Rejoice! (I Think)

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I was wrong about the Supreme Court–for once–and I’m loving it.

The court ruled today that the Colorado Civil Rights (LOL) Commission was wrong in ordering a Christian baker to create a cake for a “gay wedding,” for mocking his religious beliefs and showing overt “hostility” in demanding that he use “his artistic skills to make an expressive statement” in favor of a practice abhorrent to his religious creed (

In 2012 a couple of “gays” targeted Masterpiece Cakeshop, knowing the Christian baker would not create a special cake for them, even though he was willing to sell them anything in the shop that was already  made. And the state of Colorado went along with them, destroying the baker’s business, exposing him to death threats by the Loving Left, and making him put his life on hold for six years.

The court voted 7-2 for the baker.

I’m relieved. For the time being, they won’t come knocking at my door to order me to include “positive gay characters” in my books or else not be allowed to write them.

Upon closer reading, it seems the court tried to narrow its focus to this particular case and no others–in effect kicking the can down the road. Those other cases are still out there. But compared to the damage the court could have done, which two of its nine members wanted to do, yes, I think we have something to be thankful for.

The court made much of “neutrality” toward religious belief. Even to consider ordering a Christian to take a stand in favor of, well, an abomination suggests that neutrality was never on the table.

It used to be the law told you what you couldn’t do, and as long as you didn’t do it, you were left alone. The Left aspires to make law that tells you what you must do, must say, must believe–or else.

They’re the ones in the theocracy business, not us.

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  1. Rejoice, indeed! One for Christians for a change!

    I heard Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News today bemoaning the decision – which utterly shocked me. His reservation was that the left would then use this decision to claim religious freedom for all sorts of craziness and perversion. They do that already, don’t they?

  2. Good post, Lee! Rumors continue to circulate that Justice Kennedy may retire this summer – you know, the justice that seems like he has never really read the Constitution. What a blessing to America if Ruth Bader Ginsberg would retire – you know, the past president of the ACLU.

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