‘Will America’s Immorality Explode?’ (2016)

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Rush Limbaugh wondered about this on the air, two years ago. I’m still wondering. Will America’s immorality implode?


Will the Supreme Court resist the temptation (hint: no) to give the government, and Organized Sodomy, the authority to pre-emptively determine the content of works of art? And if they do, will the American people take it lying down (hint: of course)?

It’s gonna be messy when this stuff comes crashing down.

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  1. When I meditate on the prayer of Daniel in chapter 9, and about the words
    describing the iniquity of the nations that were driven out of the promised land, and the things that happened to these nations of wickedness, of whom it was said “their cup of iniquity is full”, I think we are in big trouble. Surely, our cup of iniquity is running over by now. How long will the God of the Universe tolerate this?

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