Grave-Robbers Busy in Florida

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Come on–it’s just multiculturalism, right?

Three of Miami’s oldest cemeteries are experiencing a rash of grave-robbing ( Because of the high water table, the graves there are above-ground, in stone or cement.

People have been breaking into the graves and stealing bones. Why? Says the caretaker, “There’s a lot of witchcraft going on, and I’ve been offered $1,000 for a skull.” But of course what we’re really supposed to say is that the bones are used in exotic “religious ceremonies.” Presbyterians? Lutherans? The caretaker thinks it’s disrespectful of the dead; it upsets him. Doesn’t he knew that all “religions” are equal, and the only one he’s allowed to diss is Christianity?

So we import these weird cultures that are simply not going to reconcile with our own, and then we’re sorry that our loved ones get torn out of their graves. Just doin’ their thing, says the anthropologist.

I don’t get why they have to do it over here.

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  1. Santaria is big is Florida. I’m not sure if grave robbing is part of their rituals, but they do have some weird and horrific practices. The practices employed in many religions today certainly aren’t anything we grew up with or are used to.

    1. According to the caretaker, the Santeria folks break in at night and do rituals. It’s more exotic religions than that, taking or buying bones.

  2. This sounds like Voodoo and Hoodoo. I looked it up and sure enough Florida has the largest concentration of Haitian immigrants.

  3. Culture is a funny thing at times. Rudy Guiliani makes a criticism of Stormy Daniels and the liberal news anchors are horrified, but they are all for no bathing suit competition at the Miss America contest because it is degrading the women.

    1. The simple answer is liberals are not grounded in reality 🙂

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