Kicking the Dead

Image: Anthony Bourdain on Pier 57, where he is planning to open Bourdain Market, in New York.

It was a shock, this morning, to hear of the suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who hanged himself in a French hotel room ( We’d read one of this books, seen him often on TV.

Bourdain hosted a show on CNN and was, of course, a far-left liberal. I have been accused of hating liberals. Well, I hate what they stand for, I hate what they say, and I hate what they do. I hate what they’ve done to my country. To my world.

But even the ancient pagans knew it’s not right to abuse the dead. Achilles was wrong to desecrate the dead body of Hector.

I linked to the “Zerohedge” article in case you want to see the brutally vicious comments and the lurid rejoicing in Bourdain’s death. It’s really rather hellish; I mean in a literal sense.

We’re used to liberals doing this, whenever anybody dies who ever crossed them in the least little way. They hope he suffered. They curse and mock his family. They go on and on about it. For two cents they’d dig up the corpse and stomp on it.

Anthony Bourdain, while he lived, lined up with wicked and ungodly people. Now he’s dead, and by his own hand. It ought to move us to at least a twinge of sympathy.

But no–some of us now imitate liberals, and attack the dead. What? Have we no more enemies alive? Have we run out of enemies? Is there no one left trying to turn our whole world into a hell-hole and a freak show? We’ll be pulling down monuments next.

I’m not one of those bow-tie simpering jive conservatives who wants to take any and all abuse from leftids and never fight back, mewling that “We’re better than that.” I want to defeat liberalism, totally and forever. I want to win. We can be nice again after we win. After there are no more pushes for open borders, transgenderism, same-sex pseudomarriage, and all the rest of that citizen of the world crapola.

It’s the living who need to be knocked to the canvas and counted out for good, not the dead. It’s cowardly to kick the dead.

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  1. Some of those comments are completely off the wall. I doubt that he and I would have agreed on much of anything, but I’m not about to take pleasure in his death.

  2. Some of the comments on several articles regarding Bourdain’s suicide are so venomous it was difficult to read them, especially since some were obviously from Christians. That certainly isn’t Christian, nor is it charitable.

    I don’t know much about him other than that he was some super chef, but my prayer is that in his last moment he called out to Jesus. The alternative is too terrible to ponder. And it would be good to pray for his family. Apparently he had an 11 year old daughter.

    1. Even these, as bad as they are, are not as bad as the leftid glee-fest over Michael Crichton’s death. Crichton wrote a book skeptical of Climbit Change; therefore his family all deserve to die of cancer.

  3. I was surprised to hear this as well. He seemed like the last person who would do something like that. A couple of days ago a famous fashion designer killed herself in a similar fashion, and there’s been several other celebrities that have committed suicide recently. It seems there is not as much aversion to suicide as there used to be. What does that say about us?

  4. I feel sorry for people like Bourdain because I know where those like him are going when they die without repentance. I believe in the Reformational Faith of Luther & Calvin (saved by grace) but I live as though everyone I meet can be save because I don’t know who will receive grace and who will not. Remember the thief on the cross?

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