A Sobering Thought

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All I said, yesterday, was that I don’t want to debate atheists anymore, I’m not good at it and I don’t have the patience for it. And the roof fell in: unprecedented number of comments, most of them from angry atheists who interpreted “I don’t want to debate” to mean “I’m just dying to debate you!”

By this time I hope we’ve all learned that it doesn’t take much social media savvy to make a little band of malcontents look like a multitude. That’s what they want you to believe. It’s supposed to intimidate you. Scare you. Like, who are you to stand in front of that towering blue wave of atheism? (Oops. Seem to have conflated atheism with the Democrat Party. Can’t imagine how that happened.)

Even so, I was amazed at how quickly they found this little tiny blog that nobody ever heard of, and how quickly they swarmed out of their hive to sting me. You’d think just about anyone would have better things to do.

To me it was a reminder that there aren’t many of them, but they are very good at exercising power and seeming like they’re many. Militant atheism is another one of those micro-constituencies that has our political system eating out of its hand. And shaping public policy. And owning big pieces of our popular culture: Hollywood, for instance.

If the Church were that fanatical and that organized, that would really be something to be afraid of. Heaven forbid that that should occur–unless Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, whose right it is, should rule it in person.

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