Too Little, Too Late for Europe?

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It almost sounds like the European Union big chiefs are having one of those “What have I done?” moments.

“There will be no European Union,” says Belgium’s Secretary of State for Migrants, Theo Francken, “unless we shut the borders and make illegal Muslim immigration impossible” (

How many days ago did that train leave the station?

EU honchos are trying to decide how to divvy up the horde of Muslims pouring in from northern Africa. Most of the member states, it seems, favor the position of “Your country must take more migrants: my country already has too many.” These disagreements are getting louder and sharper.

Is it already too late? Has this experiment in open borders fatally damaged Europe?

No one knows.

4 comments on “Too Little, Too Late for Europe?

  1. The same thing is happening here, and if the libs have their way, we’ll be a nation of illegals with no common customs or language – just sanctuary cities. Wait. I think we’re there already.

  2. There seems to be a growing change of opinion in Europe regarding this. I have read stories about citizens in Italy, Hungary and Sweden voicing resistance to this immigration. The next months and years may prove interesting.

  3. Mark Steyn is convinced Europe is doomed based on birth statistics. Do the math; white people aren’t having enough babies and Muslim people are having plenty. That’s why the push for immigration, to keep up the socialistic system they have built.

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