My Market Has Expanded (Hooray!)

The Throne (Bell Mountain, 9)

No one works harder than the support staff at Chalcedon HQ. And they get it done, too.

I just heard from Jill that all my books are now on sale via Barnes & Noble Nook and Google Play. That would be ebook versions of the books: Chalcedon and also sell the paperbacks. The latest, The Silver Trumpet (No. 10 in the Bell Mountain series), is still about a week away from being available as an ebook. That’s also Jill’s job.

Anyway, now ebooks of my books are available in two more markets, and they just got there so I haven’t sold any yet. But it can’t help but help–right?

12 comments on “My Market Has Expanded (Hooray!)

  1. What great news! Congratulations, Lee! This may encourage more people to read your books. I know several people who prefer ebooks and refuse to have hard copies around, so hopefully they’ll hear about this and take advantage of it.

  2. This is great news, Lee! I read an article recently how ebooks have been going down in popularity while audiobooks are really gaining in popularity. Has Chalcedon considered having Bell Mountain books as audiobooks? Better yet, as a motion picture film.

    1. There was supposed to be a Bell Mountain audio drama with a cast of name actors… but it fell through. After I spent $70 on postage.

  3. I just read the first of the Bell Mountain books and really enjoyed it…it was hard to put down. I look forward to following the story thru the next 9!

  4. I just finished reading the first Bell Mountain book and really enjoyed it. It was hard to put down. I look forward to following the story thru the next 9 books!

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