‘Comedian’ Rooting for a Recession

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Alleged comedian and HBO host Bill Maher has demonstrated how leftids hope to lib their way into our hearts–calling for a national recession “to get rid of Trump” (https://www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-economic-crash-recession-rid-trump/). This is the substance of the Great Blue Wave they’re hoping for.

“Sorry if it hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy,” Maher said on TV a few nights ago.

How about a plague, too, while we’re at it?

But don’t worry about him. Like the rest of the Hollywood liberals, Maher is so rich as to be recession-proof. So it won’t hurt him at all. Just you. “Let’s you and him make a great big sacrifice to get what I want.”

Please, please, voters–don’t ever, ever let these people ever again take power over our country.

You’re guaranteed to be sorry if you do. But then it’ll be too late for sorry.


9 comments on “‘Comedian’ Rooting for a Recession

  1. Yes, it is kind of like the super rich ball players whining and dissing the military heroes. Long as it doesn’t hurt me, well, too bad about you and ask me if I care..

  2. Another comedian who is no longer funny. And how about Robert DiNero opening the Tony Awards over the weekend with “F*** Trump”?

    Here is my list of actors for the Bell Mountain movie. I chose ones living today because I believe this movie should be made – and soon because these young actors I’ve chosen will not stay young for long.

    Jack – Noah Jupe
    Ellayne – Darcy Lynne Farmer
    Gurun – Brighton Sharbino
    Ryons & Fna – Iain Armitage
    Martis – John Malkovich
    Helki – Nicholas Cage
    Orth – Bradley Cooper
    Gallgoid – Joe Pseci

    Have long before production begins?

    1. Whiterabbit, I absolutely love your choice for Gallgoid! Joe Pesci is perfect! 🙂 Nicholas Cage took a minute to sink in as Helki – but I like it. Great job!

    2. So far there have been only three entrants in this contest–not exactly a howling success. I really was hoping a lot of you readers would join in.

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