‘Someone to Open Each and Every Door…’

Oh, no, no, it ain’t me, babe (as Bob Dylan once said)… Well of course it ain’t you, mack. It’s cats. Cats open doors. Try to keep track of how many dogs are let in or out as a result of cats opening doors. You can see they understand how a latch works. That’s smart–understanding something that was devised for a totally different species.

Gee, I hope they haven’t figured out combination locks…

2 comments on “‘Someone to Open Each and Every Door…’

  1. Cats rule! They really do reason things out – better than some people! If you try, you can almost see their little brain wheels spinning 🙂

  2. They are incredibly smart. The Siamese I’ve had are especially amazing. They seem to learn throughout life and continually surprising in their cleverness. My current furry little companion is pleasant and loyal, but she definitely has opinions and isn’t afraid to voice her dissent. Fortunately, I don’t have handle-style latches on the doors to the outside, or I’d never get any peace.

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