Tomorrow (*sigh*)

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Well, I won’t be here for much of tomorrow. First I have to go to the vet’s for Robbie to have a checkup, which we didn’t expect to do quite this soon; and then I have to take Patty to Motor Vehicles to have her driver’s license renewed. They need to make sure she didn’t turn into someone else since the last time they renewed it. Here in glorious New Jersey, unless you’re an illegal alien, you have to prove you’re you before they let you drive.

I’ll try to put up a few early posts before I go, and I hope you readers stay with me. If I can’t manage much that’s new, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to browse among the archives. There’s all kinds of stuff to read.

Meanwhile, we’re getting a torrent of paperwork demanded by the state regarding Aunt Joan’s microscopic estate. You’d think she left a million dollars. I expect myself to die of old age before this work is finished.

I’m tired.

6 comments on “Tomorrow (*sigh*)

  1. I can sympathize at least partially regarding the unnecessary complications of things which should be simple. I am very tired, too.
    Just being 85, I have found, brings exhaustion. Prayers.

  2. Prayers for you both. I can relate to being exhausted too. I’m sorry, Lee. Father will see you through it all.

  3. I hope New Jersey is in better shape than California when it comes to car license renewal. The average wait in California is 5 hours. When you get home, Lee, take a nap, then have a cigar. You might want to order out, and maybe catch an episode of “Columbo.”

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