The Age of Nothingism

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The world leaders and opinion-shapers of our age (“That’s our job!” said Mika Brzenski, however you spell her name) have sometimes been accused of being nihilists. That’s not accurate. The logical end of nihilism is obliteration. That’s not exactly what these people want.

“Nihil” means “nothing”: hence “nihilism.” But nothingism means “nothing good.” Because that’s what they want–nothing good, only bad.

That’s why they so determinedly pursue public policies that make no sense at all, that can’t possibly produce anything but disaster–howlers like socialism, transgenderism, open borders, global government, militant atheism (the most barren of a barren lot), etc. Policies that give us nothing but people going mad with fear or rage, soaring crime rates, and city streets heaped high with trash and feces.

Now the people who promote these chaotic policies see the same images we see, but the difference between us must be that they like what they see and want to see more of it! They are not dismayed by seeing hordes of homeless migrants pouring into their countries and wrecking them–doesn’t bother them at all. They are not dismayed by people breaking into zoos and eating the animals, because socialism has killed their economy and there’s no food in the stores–doesn’t bother them a bit. They’re “progressives,” and that’s what they call progress.

They can see their policies bring nothing but hardship, confusion, and suffering. We are forced to conclude that they enjoy seeing hardship, confusion, and suffering. They tell us it’s going to lead us to Utopia, to paradise on earth. What they don’t tell us is the kicker: “Paradise on earth for us, not you.”

O Lord our God! Imbue us with the spirit of Caleb, of Joshua, and give us strength and courage to prevail against your enemies. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. I think that the ultimate root of it is defiance of authority, but not just any authority. The authority they seek to defy is that of God, Himself.

    1. Indeed! 25 years ago, I thought about these issues mainly in terms of liberal vs. conservative views. I’m beginning to think that these terms no longer describe matters accurately. I think it really comes down to those whom seek humans as their ultimate authority vs. those whom seek the Creator as their ultimate authority.

      This crosses a lot of boundaries. The Pope claims to be God’s representative on earth, but seems to promote an agenda of human origin and turn his back on the words of the Bible. Many leaders the world over mention God in their rhetoric, but a significant percentage of these leaders pay only lip service to His authority. We have many people of all political stripes whom make the claim of belief in God, but advance policies and causes which betray that claim.

      There are, however, others whom seem to recognize that our rights do not originate with human government, but originate with God. As I see it, this is THE political issue of our day.

    2. This, IMHO, leads directly to the ultimate showdown as foretold in the Bible. When our God pronounces judgment on the wickedness of our world, there will be plenty of people whom defy Him to the very end. His judgment will not be unfair, or false in any way.

  2. Yep. Nimrod wants another shot at his big plan.

    Meanwhile, the progs keep yelling about parents and children of illegals being separated because the parents committed crimes. Well, I have two things to say about that:

    1. Criminals in all countries, whether legal or illegal by residence, are separated from their children when they are arrested. Sometimes it’s even the children arrested for crimes that are hauled off to jail, separating them from their parents by their own acts.

    2. Parents of children murdered by illegals are permanently separated from their children. What about them?

    I heard a father who had lost his child to a murderer make what I consider to be a very profound statement: There is a word for a child who loses a parent. They are called ‘orphans’. There is no word for a parent who loses a child. That’s Truth! Straight to the heart!

  3. It’s an upside down world for the anti-Christ crowd. Homosexuals are called “gay” when they are not gay at all but actually miserable and guilt-ridden, addicted to sex which can never satisfy. Without Christ, they live in darkness.

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