Wonderful Ant-Eaters–Plus Incredibly Moronic Narration

I love animal videos, and these assorted ant-eating mammals are just irresistibly cool. But I can’t decide whether to advise you to mute the narrator or to leave it on and marvel at an appallingly bad script that had me sitting open-mouthed with astonishment. This may be the worst script ever written. I mean, it’s got it all–Evolution as a person, flat jokes, and bathroom humor. The only thing missing is someone to stand behind you and pull your hair.

Maybe it’d be best to play it safe and mute it, just in case whatever this guy has is contagious.

I offer it as a kind of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” item.

8 comments on “Wonderful Ant-Eaters–Plus Incredibly Moronic Narration

  1. If you picture the narrator in pitch darkness, surrounded by an infinite number of overturned rakes and in a hurry to get home, it helps. 🙂

    1. He is remarkably cloying. A talent like that shouldn’t be wasted on narration. Perhaps he should work at evolving the ability to live at the South Pole without heavy clothing. Apparently, according to him, you can have anything you want if you simply ask Evolution to give it to you.

  2. So that’s a pangolin! Of course I’ve heard of anteaters, but didn’t know they were also called pangolins. Interesting – a nicer name for sure 🙂 My step-daughter is crazy about one of their relatives – the sloth!

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