Hello? Anybody There?

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Maybe all this talk about the social media giants censoring and gagging conservatives is finally getting to me. But it’s unusual–even unprecedented, I think–for there to be zero Likes and zero Comments here as late as 11 o’clock in the morning, and it makes me wonder if some libs out there have found a way to cut me off from my readers. After all, I’m listed, personally, as a Big Hater and a Big Biggit by the Southern Poverty Lie Center–did you know they have a third of a billion dollars stashed in Caribbean banks? So where does the “poverty” come in?–and, although I’m hardly worth their while as a target, they’d probably like to shut me down.

If no one comments all day, I’ll know that a new crime has been invented–kidnapping without the victim knowing he’s been kidnapped.

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  1. Good Morning, Lee. It’s Saturday. Many are out on errands they can’t accomplish during the week – like shopping, car repairs, etc., and some – like me – are getting used to medication schedules and the like. I haven’t even listened to this morning’s hymn yet. But be of good cheer! We’re out here – somewhere 🙂

    And while I go listen to the hymn, here’s an article of absurdity for you:


    1. Yep, that will solve everything.

      You have to wonder what is wrong with some of these people. An area covered in filth and they think the answer is ping pong and food trucks. If you drive a food truck into an area filled with homeless people what will happen next? I don’t think that they will line up in an orderly manner and buy lunch. If they are living on the street, chances are they are not flush with money. A food truck could end up mobbed.

      These politicians are insane.

  2. You haven’t seen the news? Joe Collidge took over the Internet and is now in charge.

    Hmmmm? Why is there a black helicopter landing in my front yard? 🙂

    1. I think I saw one of those overhead last night 🙂

      Poor Joe Collidge. He’s so far over his head – uh, wait. Those are antenners. – Maybe they’re responsible for the helicopters!

  3. Been out all day and just saw this; I do think at times there is a social media black out; my posts on LGBT related matter got a lot of social media shared but suddenly everything dive the next day in terms of search engine searches, almost like there’s an algorithm to hurt those blogs mentioning conservative stuff

    1. Funny, isn’t it? You can curse God. You can malign your country. You can mock your family. And for all of these, there are important, powerful people who will honor you for doing it. But don’t you dare say a word against Organized Sodomy.
      How did that happen?

    2. It comes down to one’s attitude towards the Creator. Right now, there is a rejection of nearly all authority, especially that of God.

    3. We took prayer out of our schools and we took God out of the churches and the public square. That’s how it happened. America will pay a very heavy price for turning on the Living God.

    4. Indeed we are – and it’s not over. My humble advice to this nation: Repent!

    5. The amazing thing about Divine law, is that the penalties for disobedience are mostly automatic. This nation has declined for the past 50 years and seems to be gaining momentum.

    6. Yet Father is patient and loves His children. He punishes and then gives space to repent before any further action is taken by Him. His grace and mercy abound, but many refuse – to their own destruction . . . sadly.

    7. God’s laws are the laws of nature. Eat or drink too much and your health suffers. Cheat on your spouse and your family suffers, etc, etc. he is willing to forgive, but we still bear responsibility for the consequences of our actions. This mess is going to get worse before it gets better.

  4. What’s hilarious here is Lee’s question: “Hello? Anybody There?” It wound up having lots and lots of comments! LOL!

  5. The Southern Poverty Legal Center is being utilized by Google to regulate what is hate speech – what a sick joke. I have the Google App and every day the news articles that post for people to read are 85% fake news – unreal. I can’t wait until President Trump finds time to go after Google.

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