Crazier and Crazier

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So now it turns out the leftids not only kicked the president’s press secretary out of the restaurant, but the crazed owner followed Ms. Sanders’ in-laws to another restaurant and “demonstrated” against them there.

Meanwhile, “a senior DHS official” found a “burnt and decapitated animal” left on his front porch one morning (

According to the crazed owner, the restaurant’s crazed employees demanded that Ms. Sanders be kicked out because she works for President Trump, who not only is an evil bad guy for trying to enforce our country’s immigration laws, but they were also enraged by his policy of “no transgenders in the military.”

They say they’re unbearably afflicted by the law that separates illegal aliens from their children when they’re caught–although we didn’t hear a peep out of any of ’em, the whole time their so-called president was in office, for eight years.

They care so much for children. I guess that’s why they kill them in the womb and auction off the body parts. Hey, libs–that’s how you care for children?

There might have been young children in the home with the senior DHS official. Some little girl might have opened the door to find a “burnt and decapitated animal” on the porch.

Not one elected Democrat, no, not one, has so much as raised an eyebrow over these quasi-terrorist shenanigans–let alone disavowed it, or condemned it. Not one. We can only conclude that either they tacitly consent to it, or else they, themselves, are by now afraid of the foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics that they’ve stirred up, and don’t dare say a word against them. Or both, maybe.

This is all supposed to win us over for the Big Blue Wave, come November.

The single best thing that can happen to America is for the Democrat Party to be put out of business forever.

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  1. This incident is a step beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. My own thought is that the gulf between wickedness and decency is widening at an alarming rate, but this may be for the good. Why?

    Simply stated, any observer is bound to see the issues in ever more stark relief as this gulf widens, and will place themselves on the side they choose. It’s a dividing work, to be assured.

    I have known many decent people whom have been taken in by the rhetoric. They may feel that supporting certain causes is to their advantage because it seems compassionate, but the roots of those causes may be in philosophies which are anything but benign. Hopefully such issues will become much more stark as wickedness increases.

  2. Unknowable, I think you have nailed it. This would be my take on the situation. I do not think the Lord is going to suffer us very much longer, and He is giving everyone a very clear picture of His perspective on these things, and that leaves only one other choice. We decide now if we are on the Lord’s side or are we choosing the enemy’s camp for our eternal dwelling place.

    1. In the face of pure evil, I think that denominational differences will become minor. What we need to know will be revealed.

    1. Any Civil War means they will lose. If things go down their own worldview self-defeat themselves since they got no guns, are anti-military and anti-law enforcement and they will get no hard working conservatives to be a parasite of through legalized taxation and they abort offspring and they can’t even handle “micro-aggression.”

  3. Demon-crats. Their well-deserved new title.

    One thing they never mention are all the families ‘ripped apart’ when one of the family members (citizens) -mother, father, child – gets hauled off to jail for committing a crime. The only difference here is one set is already illegal and the other is not. These demon-crats spin into whirling dervishes over the illegals’ ‘rights’. Lopsided. Demonic. Evil. Father is longsuffering, but there is an end to His mercy. Judgment is upon us.

  4. I was in college during the protests and riots over Viet Nam back in the late ’60’s and early 70’s. My school was shut down for a couple of days as the faculty let the student leaders take over. I have a strong feeling we are in for a hot summer this year, and I am not talking about the temperature on the thermometer. I also foresee the Democrat Party eventually spitting into two parties and that will be the end of them for a while. With President Trump being able to appoint another conservative Supreme Court Justice, the liberals favorite way to get what they couldn’t get at the ballot box will be blocked – Praise the Lord!!

    1. You could be onto something. There are many long-time Democrats that are not radically inclined by nature, and I suspect that some of these folks are getting weary of the extreme left-wing. We could see quite a shakeup.

    2. I remember those days all too well; I was in collidge, too. At Rutgers the big thing was bomb threats. And trying to set fire to the ROTC building.
      Now the ones who did those things are professors and administrators.

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