College Idiocy Du Jour

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Even this would be an improvement.

The student government at California State Polytechnic Looniversity has voted to spend $15,000 for “social justice programming” ( We are not told what they mean by “programming.” I thought they were already doing plenty of that.

They’re also going to create a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and a “permanent secretary of diversity and inclusion,” whatever the deuce that means. The committee will have power “to make recommendations for inclusive language and consideration of student intersectionality’s [sic]…”

Blather Bingo!

This is crap, and parents who spend a fortune to send their sons and daughters to these dope factories ought to have their heads examined.

De-fund the colleges now. They are hurting America.

What are we supposed to do with the millions of intellectual poverty cases that these schools turn out, a few years down the road?

Stop it now.

8 comments on “College Idiocy Du Jour

  1. Maybe they’ll make these kids so diverse and inclusive that they protest when someone they don’t like eats in a restaurant.

    The Laura Ingalls Wilder this is a crying shame.

  2. I imagine if the details were spelled out most parents paying their kids’ tuition won’t want their money to social justice programming (read: Brainwashing).

  3. God has written the final chapters and those deluded by Satan to believe they’re social justice warriors on the side of goodness will have quite a surprise coming. I say that with much sadness and prayer for hearts to change.

    1. Hillsdale is a great institution.

      What will ultimately happen, is that these people will marginalize themselves into oblivion. No one will care what they think, whom they choose to honor with awards or what these organizations opine.

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