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More College Crapola: Math Profs Must Provide ‘Diversity Statements’

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As long as it’s “diversity,” you don’t have to understand it.

Remember when laws, rules, and regulations used to tell you what you couldn’t do, and as long as you didn’t do those things, you were left alone?

But now, comrades, they tell you what you must do!

The Looniversity of California has now decreed that persons applying there for jobs as math professors must provide “diversity statements” detailing their “past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11927).

What the devil does any of that stuff even mean? “As a math professor, I promise to load my teachings on calculus with extravagant praise for transgenderism, gay-ness, amnesty for undocumented migrants, and feminist music!” Or maybe “I promise to tack an extra 50 points onto the grades of minority students!” What the dickens does it mean? What imaginable purpose does it serve?

Hints: “nothing whatsoever” and “none at all.”

It’s long, long, long past time to cut off all public funding to colleges and universities, where anything meaningful in the way of education always takes a back seat–if it gets any seat at all–to Far Left Crazy politics. This is not education. This is poop.

And we’re paying a flamin’ fortune for it.

‘College Rules Gorillas “Too Masculine”‘ (2016)

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Yeah… “too masculine,” all right

Remember this? University of Kansas says you can’t have a picture of a gorilla–because gorillas are “too masculine” and “not inclusive.”


Can we unpack this twaddle and extract some sense from it? Uh, no. We can’t. It’s just collidge crapola designed to dissolve the mind that comes in contact with it. There’s nothing to be found here but pure idiocy.

But it costs a lot, though.

College Idiocy Du Jour

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Even this would be an improvement.

The student government at California State Polytechnic Looniversity has voted to spend $15,000 for “social justice programming” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11052). We are not told what they mean by “programming.” I thought they were already doing plenty of that.

They’re also going to create a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and a “permanent secretary of diversity and inclusion,” whatever the deuce that means. The committee will have power “to make recommendations for inclusive language and consideration of student intersectionality’s [sic]…”

Blather Bingo!

This is crap, and parents who spend a fortune to send their sons and daughters to these dope factories ought to have their heads examined.

De-fund the colleges now. They are hurting America.

What are we supposed to do with the millions of intellectual poverty cases that these schools turn out, a few years down the road?

Stop it now.

U. of Cal: Saying You’re Not a Racist Means You’re a Racist

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

I keep forgetting, so tell me again: you send your sons and daughters to these looniversities because__________ (fill in the blank).

According to a “Guide” published by the University of California, saying you’re not a racist is a sure sign that you are a racist (http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/university-of-california-guide-saying-im-not-racist-is-racist_03142018).

It’s one of those “microaggressions,” you see, that instantly tips people off that you’re a no-good Racist even if it’s “unintentional” on your part. Whatever you say, whatever you do, proves that you’re a Racist. So is whatever you don’t say, whatever you don’t do.

It’s also a microaggression, according to this great institution of higher education, if you’re “using the term ‘politically correct’ as a pejorative…” Oh, how base! Oh, how despicable! Actually to use the term “politically correct” as a pejorative–it makes you want to sit down and cry!

The only rational response to this bilge–other than saving your money and just not going to these stupid colleges at all–is not to care. Just don’t care. Feel free to answer with a lustily-blown raspberry.


College Crapola-Fest: Math=’White Privilege’

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Tell me again: you sent your kid to this university because________? You wanted to make sure he or she grew up to be an idiot?

In the race for the bottom, the University of Illinois has lunged ahead with some published blather by “an admired scholar” claiming that teaching and learning mathematics “perpetuates white privilege” (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/24/white-privilege-bolstered-by-teaching-math-university-professor-says.html).

I cannot explain why white people do not seem to have gotten tired of hearing stuff like this, nor why they send their children to college, at great cost, to hear more of it.

“On many levels,” prates the jackass, “mathematics operates as whiteness.” What crap. But I suppose getting things right is somehow racist, nowadays.

Way back in the 1950s I learned–in a public school, no less!–that you can’t have a civilization if you can’t do math. “Gol-ding it, the freakin’ pyramid fell down again!” “Oh, no! We’ve run out of supplies halfway through the winter!” We learned about Hindu-Arabic numerals, which sort of implies that Hindus and Arabs knew math, too. Somehow we managed to learn that there were other civilizations outside of Europe that probably were able to do a bit more than just count on their fingers and toes.

But now getting the right answer to a math problem is “whiteness.”

Hey, sunshine! Why don’t you find some place where they don’t do math and there are no white people around to blame for everything, and go live there? No one will care if they can’t solve a quadratic equation. No one will even notice.

Meanwhile… hey, parents! I hope you like what college is giving you for your money. You’re paying enough for it.

Idiot University: It’s OK to be Racist If You’re Anti-White

Just in case you needed any more proof to convince you that America’s university system is over-funded, over-attended, and corrupt beyond repair, Cal State San Marcos is holding a “Whiteness Forum” guaranteed to lop 50 points off your IQ and teach you to hate people who never did you any harm ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/30248/ ).

“Educators” are always yammering about “racism,” but as is always the case with liberals, it’s an exercise in projection: what they accuse their targets of doing, they do themselves.

This is the usual ranting against anyone and everyone who happens to be white–except, of course, overpaid college perfessers and administrators, etc. It’s chock-full of bunk: railing against “white hegemonic ideals of the beauty industry,” and “law is a tool used by dominant groups… to maintain their privileged position over subordinate groups,” and “Gentrification is the new Colonialism.”  So suddenly we don’t need law? And beauty is bad? And cleaning up an urban hellhole is bad? They’ll just go on and on about it, if you let them.

Why anyone would send their sons and daughters to have their minds pumped so full of hate-filled pure crapola is a mystery to me. It’s a sin to stir up strife, but in the minds of left-wing loons, sin is virtue and virtue is sin.

Persons who love and respect their children do not send them to a public university.

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