Cats & Guinea Pigs

There’s something about guinea pigs that I find very appealing. There’s something about them that cats find very appealing, too. Watch the cats cuddle them, groom them, and play with them. Who would have thought it?

I knew some hippies who were determined to make their dog a vegetarian. So he at their guinea pigs. Too bad he didn’t eat the hippies instead.

11 comments on “Cats & Guinea Pigs

    1. Doesn’t it make you want to run out and get a guinea pig companion for your own kitty? 🙂

  1. Cute as can be! Guinea pigs seem just the right size and temperament to be loved on and played with by cats – gentle cats like those in this video, of course 🙂 It seems lately that God is giving us more and more glimpses of what He may have in store for those who love Him.

    “Cuddly-uddly” 🙂

    1. And it seems lately we’re seeing these things with much more frequency – and surprise 🙂

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