If You Like Guinea Pigs…

Here’s someone who really likes guinea pigs! They’ve got about a zillion of them–keep ’em in the barn overnight, let ’em out in the morning to graze. (Did he say “graze”? I didn’t know they grazed.) Chickens are on hand as, I guess, role models.

Bonus Critter Video: Guinea Pig Drive

What if Rawhide had been about herding guinea pigs instead of cattle? I guess the guys couldn’t’ve called themselves cowboys. They’d have to be pigboys.

For those of you who missed the Bronze Age, Rawhide was about cowboys herding cattle across the western plains, and all the adventures they had incidental to their dull and grueling job. Even a run-in with Druids!

Anyhow, here are guinea pigs chasing a human and then running past him–he’s gonna need a lasso. Maybe there are Druids in the house. That would explain it.

Guinea Pig Stampede

This is the critter video I would’ve posted for you yesterday if I hadn’t had to go back to bed in the middle of the afternoon.

I’ve never had a guinea pig, but they do seem loveable. This reminds me of that old stock footage of stampeding cattle which has illuminated hundreds of TV and movie Westerns. They didn’t have guinea pig drives back then, did they?

Cat & Guinea Pigs: Nap? What Nap?

My allergies are absolutely killing me today, I don’t know how I got anything done at all, and this is one of my favorite videos, so enjoy it.

The cat wants a nap. The guinea pigs want to play. There is no meeting of the minds.

Now I’ve Seen Everything: Dog & Guinea Pig

Betcha you’ve never seen this before.

The nice lady in the video is taking her dog for a walk. And her guinea pig, too. The dog has a leash. The guinea pig doesn’t. The neighborhood features some really fancy buildings. Maybe palaces.

I never heard of taking your guinea pig for a walk. Then again, my iguana almost did a dog food commercial…

An Extravagance of Guinea Pigs

I’ve never had a pet guinea pig, but they do look like fun.

Guinea pigs were first discovered by Julius Caesar, who lived in deadly fear of them.

The rest of us can sit back and enjoy the video.

Guinea Pigs Consumed by Zoomies

I’m falling in love with guinea pigs. I can’t help it. What’s going on in their minds, when they run around like this? What would make a couple of human beings behave like that?

Exciting False Fact! A guinea pig named “Dr. Edwards” taught Superhero Studies for three years before the college caught on to him. It is believed he shredded final exam papers to make nests.

Guinea Pig Zoomies

We’ve seen zoomies performed by dogs, cats, and rabbits. Do guinea pigs do it, too?

But of course!

Astounding False Fact: Vikings from New Jersey were the first to discover North America. Since then, New Jersey has been closely linked to North America.

Unexplained Paranormal Guinea Pigs

As you can see by the headline, I am still experimenting with key words. Which are the ones that act as magic words? Really cool simple tricks that will make you irresistible to lots of genders. How did that get in there? Oh, fap.

Meanwhile, enjoy the cute guinea pigs. Do guinea pigs ever saunter, stroll, or amble?

Here’s hoping their high spirits are contagious. Grab yourself a handful of lettuce and run around the living room.

Village of the Guinea Pigs

Wow. Somebody loved his or her guinea pigs enough to build this whole cardboard village for them. It certainly seems to keep them stimulated. I used to have a nice lizard habitat, but it would’ve made poor video: lizards do a lot of just sitting around doing nothing. And when it comes to funny noises, guinea pigs have got them beat by a mile.