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Cranking Up Your Guinea Pig

I can’t tell whether they’ve got another guinea pig, a tape recording of a guinea pig, or a gifted human being impersonating a guinea pig; but whatever it is in the background, this little character wants to find out all about it.

I’ve never had a guinea pig for a pet, but something tells me you could get really attached to one.

How Patient Can a Cat Be?

These two guinea pigs are determined to find out the answer to that question. “How many times do you suppose I can jump over his tail, while you stick your nose into his ear, before he snaps?” Note how doggedly (can I say that?) the cat tries to ignore them. I mean, he could easily eat them or something. But somehow they know he’s not going to hurt them. That really is something.

Yes, I know, I’ve shown this video once before: but it’s just so funny!

Let’s Play ‘Plague the Cat’

I just had to post this video again, it’s so funny.

Watch the cat try his level best to ignore the guinea pigs, who are doing everything they can think of to stir him up. Is this cat auditioning for a job as one of those Buckingham Palace guards? I wonder if they test those guards’ responses to guinea pigs. They’re not supposed to move or speak or crack a smile, no matter what.

But if a cat can’t ignore these guinea pigs, who can?

Guinea Pigs, Anyone?

I’ve never had guinea pigs. My loss: they seem like delightful little characters.

The mother guinea pig nursing all those babies reminds me of a mouse I had whose mob of babies didn’t want to be weaned. The bunch of them would actually lift her up and carry her around when they were nursing. This was too much! She would climb up on the water bottle where they couldn’t get at her, and chatter angrily at them. But they all grew up to be good mice nevertheless.

Cat & Guinea Pig: Buddies (Sort Of)

Why is the guinea pig not afraid of the cat? Why does the cat not try to eat the guinea pig? How is it that they can play together? Please disregard the other guinea pig, who is concentrating on doing nothing.

Thing is, can it be that animals are better than we are at transcending their natures? At learning to be better than they’re expected to be? Watch and wonder.

Kitten and Guinea Pig at Play

The kitten really wants the guinea pig to play with him, and he finally gets his wish. If only the hammy humans would stay out of the way, we might learn something.

I’ve never had a guinea pig, but the ones in a certain pet store were always up for petting and tickling. I’ll bet I’d fall in love with it, if I had one.

Cats & Guinea Pigs

There’s something about guinea pigs that I find very appealing. There’s something about them that cats find very appealing, too. Watch the cats cuddle them, groom them, and play with them. Who would have thought it?

I knew some hippies who were determined to make their dog a vegetarian. So he at their guinea pigs. Too bad he didn’t eat the hippies instead.

Pets at Peace

This is astounding: the big scary pit bull cuddling the guinea pig and exchanging sniffs and kisses with the tiny baby rabbit, while the cat presides like a doting grandparent. How are animals able to learn to do this? And why can’t we?

I am pretty sure that Heaven looks like this.

Cozy Dog & Guinea Pig

I knew some hippies once who wanted to train their dog to be a vegetarian. So the dog ate their guinea pigs.

This video tells a much happier story. I can’t tell if the guinea pig is that large or the dog is that small–but they sure do love each other’s company.

Cute Guinea Pigs

I’ve never had a guinea pig; but gee, look how cute they are. I wonder if my cats would be kind to a guinea pig, like the cat in this video. Amazing, the number of creatures God has created for us to love.

WARNING: If you have an upstairs bedroom, and a water bed, it’s an exceedingly bad idea to let your pet guinea pig have the run of the room. I have seen the results of this, and they are highly disconcerting.

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