Lest We Forget ‘Whose Right It Is’

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“And crown Him Lord of all…”

We rightly celebrate our nation’s birth, every 4th of July. But there is a greater power to be celebrated, every day–more righteous, more just, far wiser, and far mightier than any nation ever born: Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, “whose right it is” to rule His Father’s whole creation.

This essay by R.J. Rushdoony was published in 2002 in Chalcedon’s magazine.


What–theology on a national holiday?

You bet!

4 comments on “Lest We Forget ‘Whose Right It Is’

  1. The balance between secular authorities and the authority which issues forth from God is worthy of attention. I am thankful for the many good things that the US government has done for its citizens, but that only came about because the Founding Fathers of this nation recognized that our rights are actually God-granted. As the US drifts aurther away from the beliefs of its founders, the more it forgets about human rights.

  2. This article is a good example of why I love R.J.Rushdoony so much. I have hundreds of his cassette tapes that I have listened to over the years, and a good collection of his books. When was the last time you heard a Bible teacher refer to Jesus as Shiloh? Or how about “Christ, the Great Overturner?” As the banner over Chalcedon booths at conventions says: “Read Rushdonny.”

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