By Request, ‘Create in Me a Clean Heart’

Linda asked for this: Create in Me a Clean Heart, by Keith Green. It ought to sound familiar: “Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me,” Psalm 51:10–the Psalm David wrote in repentance for his terrible sin in lusting for Bathsheba and arranging for her husband to be killed, so he could take her.

God’s word tells the truth, even when it hurts. Because only the truth can set us free.

9 comments on “By Request, ‘Create in Me a Clean Heart’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Since we all fall short of the glory of God, this worship song is appropriate most anytime and for most all of us.

  2. I agree!
    I also have a hymn request: Awesome God by GLAD. This is my first hymn request. Could you post this please?

    1. I’ll be happy to post it if I can find it on youtube. I haven’t mastered the art of posting videos that are not on youtube, so please take my limitations into account.

  3. Thank you both for this one. It is one of my favorites, and one I often sing
    and pray.

  4. Keith Green led an amazing life. He and his wife Melody were Jewish but converted to Christianity and had a powerful, friutful ministry. But sadly his life was cut short when the plane he and two of his small children were riding in crashed. His life would be an example of the saying “the good die young.”

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