‘The Learning Channel: Culture Killer’ (2015)

“Jazz”–I really cannot bring myself to believe that anyone ever named a baby “Jazz”–Jennings, the reality TV star boy who insists he’s a girl, was in the news again recently, all jollied up because his “gender confirmation surgery” was, ahem, “successful,” and now he really truly honest-to-Pete is a girl, blah-blah. Barf bag, please.

“Jazz” rose to celebrity in 2015, as reported at the time:


Would it be wrong to suggest that this boy’s mother be put to death? I don’t recall a father ever having been mentioned; but then I don’t delve too deeply into things like this. My stomach won’t stand it.

The truth is that “Jazz” was born male and is still male, no matter what a surgeon does to him, because every single one of millions of cells in his body has the Y-chromosome, which makes him unalterably male. Leftids can deny that till they’re blue in the face, but it’s the truth and they’re the ones who live a lie.

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  1. If gender is fluid, as they suggest, then having surgery makes it impossible to go back. They’ve crossed the point of no return. I agree Lee, parents allowing and even encouraging their children to do this is child abuse. These children are not fully developed, and can’t possibly understand all the ramifications.

    1. This was all to make the mother rich and famous, and to play out whatever cracked little melodrama she has in her mind.

  2. What I’m bothered by is that we all have to worry about being so politically correct, especially at our jobs, because someone might get offender if you do not refer to a person as the “correct” gender and then YOU face the consequence of a reprimand because you did something wrong. Are you not the correct gender when you are born?? I know a man who was fired from his job because he refused to go to a “mandatory training” on what language is correct and how to speak to a person who was going through gender change surgery. Outrageous! It is against his religious beliefs. The bottom line is we are what God made us….period!

  3. I love the fact there are X & Y chromosomes but no Z one. Life becomes so simple when one is born-again and renewed by the Holy Spirit-breathed Scriptures. To live any other way is to be living a lie.

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