Jobs Up; Dems Down

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You couldn’t quite believe it when, er, “comedian” Bill Maher said he was “rooting for a recession… to bring down Trump”?

Well, the Labor Department reports that our national economy added 213,000 new jobs in June–and Democrats are, predictably, singing the blues over it. They hate it when anything goes well for America. A booming economy? Say it ain’t so!

Nancy Pelosi said “the economy is being hollowed out”–what?–“to enrich big corporations and the wealthiest 1%.” She’s probably in that 1%, and she doesn’t want it getting crowded.

The high job growth, said the jidrool who chairs the Democrat National Committee, “is hurting millions of hardworking families.” By giving them jobs.

They want their recession back.

Don’t worry, guys. When the Blue Wave sweeps you back into power in November, your having won America’s hearts and minds, you can get to work wiping out all that dreadful prosperity with oodles more crazy job-killing regulations and erasing our country’s borders to bring in hordes of cheap labor to compete with those 213,000 Americans who just got new jobs and will surely thank you for putting them back on unemployment.

What’s good for America is bad for Democrats.

And what’s good for them is very, very bad for you.

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    1. I remember it from a tall tale my uncle told me about how they foiled Boa Constrictors when he was in the Army, by tying a leg of lamb to its tail.

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  3. The leader of the Dems & DNC are tone deaf. Either all these jobs are helping the working man or they are helping the big corporations. Which makes more sense. But please forgive me for using “makes sense” when having anything to do with Dems – or are they now Democratic Socialists?

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