Have I Been Banned by Facebook?

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All of a sudden, again, I’m getting no Facebook referrals. WordPress says I’m still connected to Facebook–but there are no referrals. Was it something I said, that Facebook’s robots didn’t like?

I don’t know, nobody tells me anything. I suppose a few of you could try to do a referral or two, with one of my posts, and see what happens. I’ll let you know if it works.

I wonder if all speech but lib-speech is condemned as “hate speech.”

21 comments on “Have I Been Banned by Facebook?

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t help you there, Lee. I don’t have a Facebook account. But I wouldn’t put it past them. Any speech that disagrees with the liberal/progressive/communist/demonic point of view is considered hate speech by the loons on the left/

  2. I’m trying a second comment. I just tried leaving one and it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. So someone at WP doesn’t like what I said, or I’m landing in the spam folder again. Let’s see if this one comes through.

    1. Yeah, someone these all came out “unapproved,” so I had to re-approve them. I am reading them, though, so they made it to this page.

    2. Oh, ok. Good. Well, the censorship is evidently spreading.

    3. Meanwhile, finally, there is one FB referral. Usually I have between 12 and 20 of them per day. But we’ll see what happens. If I’m banned, I probably wouldn’t even get one.

    1. Thank you. Meanwhile, 3. months ago FB banned me for 2 days they said, but I am still banned! And I haven’t even tried to post anywhere since March because my 4 year old HP laptop died. I’m using my iPad which is tedious as it’s good only for games – not emails. Having trouble finding a new laptop that doesn’t have Windows 10. This post here is my first since and probably my last because I had to re-sign up to post and now my last name is included, which is unacceptable. I continue to read all your fine writings both here and on NWV. I miss the discourse.

    2. Well, it’s good to see you Marlene. I’ll send you an email in the next couple of days – sort of a catch-up. Blessings!

    3. They tell me my post didn’t meet their low standards and they show me the post for which they banned me and which I enjoy reading over and over again – ha. And they state the ban is temporary just 2 days although it’s been 2 months now.

  3. I try to help you out there, but for two days now, I have been so sick I can’t even sit up. High bp and stomach will not hold anything, so I’m not very effective today at all.

    1. Father, we lift up our sister Erlene to your tender mercies. Restore her to health as you did Peter’s mother. In Jesus’ Precious Name, we pray. We love you. Thank you, Father.

  4. Lee, please see my reply to your question which I accidentally sent to Linda. I can barely read the very small print on this iPad!

  5. I really think their algorithim goes against posts that are Conservative. When I write on certain topics facebook seems to allow it to go to many viewers and we get a lot of hits but when its on LGBT issue…it gets quiet.

  6. Today I found out my FB account was hacked and someone else is masquerading as me to get “friends.” I still don’t know why people desire to do this. Prayers going up for Erlene.

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