Archbishop Socks It to Pelosi

Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: Traditional Latin Mass will  continue in San Francisco | Catholic News Agency

This should have been done years ago.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (San Francisco) has notified Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Holy Communion will be withheld from her unless and until she publicly repudiates her support for abortion and publicly repents (

The archbishop made it very clear in a letter:

“You are not to present yourself for Holy Communion… until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion…”

Pelosi is one of several leading Democrat shysters who ardently support and promote abortion while claiming to be “devout Roman Catholics.” Prominent among them are “President” (LOL) Joe Biden and “Climate Change Czar” John Kerry, who was almost president. Like Pelosi, they have a fetish for abortion and have always funded and supported it.

So far, American bishops (with a few exceptions) have not insisted that politicians who cash in on being Catholic actually follow Catholic teachings–or at least not blatantly ignore them.

We salute Archbishop Cordileone for doing what all the bishops should have done.

We Got Equetty!!!!

There are too Many Incompetent Doctors Practicing Medicine | rectalcancermyass

We has strick a Bloe “for” Equetty and Socile Jutstus and Dyvercitty in Helth Cair hear “at” collidge!!!! We got ridd “of” all the Wite dockters and nourses!!!!! and we Are “goingto” re-plaice themb rite aweiay!!!!!!

Now we doughnt has no “dockter skool”” at our collidge so we hadded To re-plaice all themb Racist dockters “and” nourses whith Gender Studdies stoodints witch “is” jist as good as themb reggalur dockters if Not beter!!!!!!! Iff yiu “get” sick thay whil ficks yiu up In no tyme!!!!

And aslo In Eddision “to That” we has aslo fowned “the” Ideel parson to putt “in” Chardge “of” awl The Helth Cair at our collidge!!!! She useded “to-be” a Made in Nantsy Pullocie’s howse, How grate Is that??? Thay say she Eeven knows somb Voo-Doo!!!!! It jist gose to Showe yiu yiu awlyaws Come Out ahhed wen yiu has a Mynaritty rhunning “The” shoow!!!!!!

And yiu know waht?? I all-reddy pheel beter!

Cashing In! Pelosi Buys $25 Million Mansion–in Florida


Gubbermint been bery, bery good to me!  –Nancy Pelosi (and every other Democrat)

Avast, you peasants! Make way for Madame Nancy Pelosi, America’s answer to Marie Antoinette!

The Squeaker of the House has just laid down $25 million for a mansion in Florida. Will she keep her digs in California, or sell those off and move permanently to Florida?

Is it too late for Floridians to get up a petition to keep her out?

Look at this place. Man, being The Party Of The Little Guy is good business! Just look at all of ’em. Obama’s pad on Martha’s Vineyard. Algore using more electricity for his own house than is used by whole towns. John Kerry’s yacht that he sold in New Zealand to avoid the U.S. taxes. Hoot, mon, it’s a living!

Our ruling class… just another mass of parasites.

Pelosi Calls for ‘Gay National Anthem’

ASAP Anole Adaptation | California Academy of Sciences

(You don’t think I want to illustrate this story, do you? Here’s a nice little lizard instead.)

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says it’s time America had a Gay National Anthem.

“According to the official Democratic Party and Hollywood census, gay/lesbian/trans Americans now account for 45% of the population,” Pelosi said. “That’s more than enough to deserve your own national anthem!

“Look! We fly our Gay Pride and Transgender Pride flags in front of our U.S. embassies–especially in Third World countries where they find it tremendously offensive. But what’re they gonna do about it, huh? Suck it up, you pipsqueaks, or you’ll get no foreign aid!”

With a twinkle in her eye, the Squeaker declined to reveal the title of the Gay National Anthem, or the artist that would perform it. Asked if it would be Joe Biden himself, Pelosi said, “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you… er… fewer lies!”

[Note: The foregoing is a satire written for comedic effect. We all know the Democrat Party would never, never stoop to anything as low as this.]

Dems Want President to ‘Share’ Authority to Launch Nuclear Missiles

Joe Biden: ex-defense secretary's wife says viral photo used 'misleadingly'  | Joe Biden | The Guardian

If you can’t trust this guy with the nuclear missiles… hey, game over.

If Democrats haven’t made you physically ill yet, maybe this’ll do it.

Citing preposterous and totally fictional concerns that President Donald Trump might have gone crazy and started dropping nuclear bombs around the place, 31 Democrat weenies in the House of Representatives have released a letter calling for the president to “share” the authority to launch nuclear missiles (

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a compulsive liar, sez she contacted the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Jan. 6–when there was a very small riot at the Capitol Building–to ask about “preventing an unstable president” from going nuclear. The noozies take it as a given that nobody on the Left had anything whatsoever to do with organizing the riot–we are to take their word for it that the whole thing was 100% Donald Trump’s fault.

When did they outlaw intellectual honesty among “journalists”?

Anyway, according to this letter from the House, unspecified “past presidents” have “exhibited behavior that causes other officials to express concerns about the presidents’ judgment.”

Now, nowhere in the letter do they mention alleged “President Joe Biden,” or his leg hairs, or his deathless quote, “You know… uh, uh… the thing!” So what “presidents” are they “concerned” about? We ain’t got but one–and he’s defective. Everybody knows it.

The president has sole authority to launch nuclear missiles. At the same time, American military officers have a duty to disobey unlawful orders. And a lunatic president can be removed from office, per the 25th Amendment. Were they really, truly afraid Donald Trump was tempted to nuke D.C.? Or were they more worried that Doddering Joe might press the button because he thought he was having a rumble with Corn Pop down by the swimming pool?

Some Dems have suggested that it might be well if the president had to share that authority with, say, the vice president and whatever wad of protoplasm occupies the Speaker’s chair. Yeah, swell idea. Round ’em up and chew the fat for a couple hours while the bad guys are gleefully peppering America with their missiles. And there’s always the possibility that they might not be able to reach an agreement in time to fight the nuclear war at all. So the reason the president has that sole authority is because time is of the essence.

Readers’ Quiz For The Day: Who are more dishonest–Democrats or “journalists”?

An Even Bigger ‘Mandate’ Coming?

Image: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden removes his jacket before speaking to families who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act during an event at the Lancaster Recreation Center

Maybe he could rob a 7-11 on his way to the White House

Government never gets big or powerful or intrusive enough for Democrats.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have both called for a “federal mandate” compelling all Americans to wear face masks in public (

The “mandate” would be imposed by the Center for Disease Control.

So much for government by our elected representatives, with public hearings, debate, voting, and all that old stuff. Last I looked, no one at the CDC had been voted into office by anyone.

Biden said that he, if he were president, would “require” all Americans to wear the masks. Did you know a president could do that? I certainly didn’t.

We are told by the fake nooze scribes at CNBC that face masks sure as shootin’ hamstring the old COVID-19 and anyway you ought to wear them to show that you… “care.” About something other than your personal liberties. CNBC is in the bag for this.

But of course you don’t need to wear a mask or practice “social distancing” if you’re doing something really “essential,” like rioting to “protest” imaginary systemic racism. The Death Virus will know your heart is in the right place and won’t bother you.

It’s what the lib crowd calls “Science,” these days.

Pelosi: ‘Let ‘Em Eat… Gourmet Ice Cream’

While everyday Americans wonder if they’ll still have roofs over their heads when the economy gets going again, if it ever gets going, here’s Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bragging about her gourmet ice cream in her $24,000 freezer. Must be nice.

Just looking at the glimpse she gives us of the contents of her freezer, Talenti Gelato/Ice Cream is pricey, but not out of range. I buy it now and then. But Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream–that’s $12 a pint, according to their online store.

Anyway, look at the happy time she’s having while the rest of us worry about making it to the Fourth of July. As a member of Congress, of course, Nancy’s salary and benefits are guaranteed. As a corruptocrat, she’s already as rich as Croesus. I guess I’d be grinnin’, too, if I were her.

A word to the wise: Socialism is like this all the time.

Put the Democrat Party out of business before it puts the kibosh on America.

‘Is It Ever Right to Bear False Witness?’ (2016)

Image result for images of crazy nancy pelosi

Sorry! Not allowed to make up bad things… even about bad people

We’re still getting those emails, “The Bombshell” (it’s always a bombshell) “That Will Destroy So-and-So.” This post was inspired by one of those chain emails, this one featuring Nancy Pelosi.

Is It Ever Right to Bear False Witness?

That we should ever need to make up lies about Democrats boggles the mind. But we have a commandment from God Himself not to bear false witness. It doesn’t come with an “except.”

We’re not Climate Scientists, fer cryin’ out loud.

‘Civilization’ Remake! (Kenneth Clark Out, Pelosi In)

See the source image

If you’re old enough, you may remember Civilization with Kenneth Clark, a BBC series showcasing the art, architecture, and history of Western Civilization, with commentary by Kenneth Clark. It ran from 1969 into the 70s.

Time for a remake! Pubic Broadcasting is set to release Civilization with Nancy Pelosi, for “a real look at what civilization ought to be, none of this no-good racist Western stuff.” Filmed entirely in San Francisco, each episode features Speaker Pelosi taking us on a tour of “civilization hot spots” in her home city of San Francisco.

Escorted by 45 armed guards (“Just in case of trouble from white supremacists,” she says with a wink), and with the whole sound and camera crew equipped with galoshes for stepping over piles of feces and maybe slipping into one, the tour has already visited a tent city of illegal aliens (“Democrat votes on the hoof!” she exults), a Pride Parade with naked men performing real and simulated sex acts, a “goddess church” where, says the Speaker, “real religion is promoted by real women,” and… this:

See the source image

“This is our city’s pride and joy–our 60-foot-high mural portrait of Greta Thunberg, climate crusader!” Pelosi cries. They had to cut out some frames of a cameraman stepping on a used syringe, one of many littering the sidewalk (Pelosi frowns and mutters “Clumsy! Someone might’ve wanted to re-use that needle!”), but that hardly detracts from the exquisite wonderfulness of the mural.

“Eat your heart out, Michelangelo!” cries Pelosi. “This is real art! Art that scowls at you, and reminds you what a miserable deplorable you are for not supporting a global government to combat Climate Change! You’ll find the comb at the combat!”

The series is expected to succeed brilliantly, provided the Speaker can find the votes in the House of Representatives to make viewing it mandatory.

Pelosi: Farther and Farther Out to Lunch

Image result for images of pelosi being crazy

How important is this year’s presidential election?

Declares Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, “Civilization as we know it is at stake” (… ’cause four more years of Donald Trump is, like, the end of America.

To put this in some kind of perspective, Pelosi is from San Francisco. Is that what she calls “civilization”? Piles of feces on the sidewalk. Used syringes all over. Crime rate through the ceiling. Hordes of the homeless, most of them illegal aliens, in tents and cardboard boxes.

Does she know what “civilization” means? She’s from San Francisco.

This is the third-highest ranking official in America, behind only the president and vice president. This is what we’ve settled for.

Pray America’s voters put the Democrat Party out of business and Pelosi out to pasture–or wherever you go, if you can’t lead the House of Reprehensibles anymore.