Hillary Rides Again!

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I don’t normally do politics on a Sunday, but I’m not sure that this is politics. It may be a new and bizarre form of comedy.

Hillary Clinton, suggests a noted New York columnist, is gearing up for another run for president in 2020 (https://nypost.com/2018/07/07/is-hillary-clinton-secretly-planning-to-run-in-2020/).

Quick! Where do I sign her petition?

Yes, Hillary is busy–raising money, exhorting Dumbocrats to protest in the streets, and screaming bloody murder over anything and everything done by President Donald Trump. She’s helping to set up and fund new political action committees with names like “Demand Justice”–oh, please–and “Onward Together,” groups dedicated to defending abortion, saving Obamacare, and preventing voter fraud reform.

One of the reasons Michael Goodwin thinks she’s got a shot at it is that the Democrats don’t have a potential presidential candidate who’s not either a living fossil or a rug-chewing Far Left psycho (he doesn’t quite put it that way, but I will).

Well, I hope they run Hillary again in 2020, and again in 2024, and again in 2028, and as many times it takes to drive the Democrat Party into permanent extinction.

If anyone can do it, she can.

13 comments on “Hillary Rides Again!

  1. Beware! It’s a trick! If Hillary is still around to run in 2028, or 2024 for that matter, she will have become one of those AI transhumans who will be begging for death as it perpetually eludes them.

  2. The woman is demented and a certifiable sociopath. She thinks her name will go down in history like Joan of Arc’s when in reality it will go down like Pandora’s.

    1. Unfit for work, because he believes something almost every human believes. Had he held the view they want him to hold while in school he would have washed out.

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