LA’s ‘Record Heat Wave’–Not

Image result for images of weather station surrounded by cars

Not the coolest place you could find…

Oops. Caught again.

According to a veteran meterologist, Los Angeles’ recent rash of record high temperatures was due not to Global Warming/Climbit Change, but to “faulty weather stations… compromised by heat sources and heat sinks” ( Sort of like hanging your thermometer over your oven on Thanksgiving.

For example, one weather station was on top of a parking garage surrounded by cars. Yeah, it can get hot up there.

Another weather station was next to an airport, where it was exposed to “jetwash” up to 400 degrees.

This happens all over the world.

But the science is settled, right?

4 comments on “LA’s ‘Record Heat Wave’–Not

  1. Every year it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter – not news. Now destructive tornadoes, earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, and flooding is news worthy. Trying to rescue the young soccer team in Thailand trapped in a deep cave, now that’s news.

  2. Sounds like the brilliance of city planners who design the street layouts with one-way streets that empty into no-outlet streets. Think they don’t exist? Visit Buffalo.

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