‘The Love of God’

The Love of God is over 100 years old–by Frederick Lehman, 1917–but I’d never heard it until today. We have it performed by Nathan and Lyle plus family members, with lyrics and chords so you can sing or strum along. A lovely old hymn, really.

5 comments on “‘The Love of God’

  1. Whenever I see you’ve posted a hymn by Nathan and Lyle and their family, it makes my heart smile. You can see the peace of God has settled upon this family. Thank you, Lee.

  2. This is another old familiar song from when I was young. Very good
    reminder of the olden days.

  3. Here is another great worship song: Come Holy Spirit, Fall Afresh on me,
    by Terry Clark.

  4. While going through some of my deceased mother-in-law’s books today I came across a book of 100 Gospels songs but I was familiar with hardly any of them, like this one by Frederick Leyman. The Christian faith is so rich in music – I love it!!

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