Frolicky Baby Goats

There must be something special about baby goats: see how patient all the other animals are with them. The people, too. I am told they grow up to be really quite large and ought not to be brought into the house, so that probably sinks my chance of getting one. I wonder how a baby goat would get along with my cats.

10 comments on “Frolicky Baby Goats

  1. The secret to the love of and by animals – they don’t have corrupted hearts.

    Couldn’t help sharing this one. Bring tissues. If this doesn’t touch your heart, you better see a doctor.


    1. Aah, it works fine now! Just what I needed.
      The thought that comes to mind is this. Man has invented thousands of “gods,” but of no other was it ever said, or written, “God is love”–the real God, the living God, who has created us in His image.

    2. That was absolutely beautiful! ❤ Animals are amazing, extremely intelligent and do have feelings far beyond what people realize or give credit for. How could they not be amazing?? They are, after all, God’s creatures. It is heartbreaking how abused and tortured so many are. The innocent who can’t speak up for themselves.

  2. Fun video, and also the music that accompanies it. Mike Rowe featured a goat farm on his new show this past season. I saved it to show my daughter. It was so enjoyable watching little playful goats.

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