Baby Goats… Sproinking (?)

A couple dozen baby goats can generate a lot of fun. What is it called when they jump straight up for no apparent reason, just for the halibut? Somehow the word “sproinking” comes to mind. Is that really a word?

Just try getting salamanders to frolic like this.

Bouncing Baby Goats

Need some joie de vivre in your life? Find some baby goats and set ’em up with a couple of old tires and a makeshift see-saw and just watch the fun.

Notice these little guys get into head-butting long before they grow horns. I wonder if there’s a way to get them out of it.

More Baby Goats

Are there any animals cuter or friskier than baby goats? No, not alligators.

Note how they try to butt dogs or people or each other well before they’ve grown any horns. One of these little warriors is just a tad bigger than a hamster.

Some of you out there must have had goats. Do they stay playful after they’re full-grown? Inquiring minds want to know.

Joie de Vivre, Baby Goat-Style

Baby goats never just walk anywhere, do they? Always running, jumping, and cavorting. I have always wanted to cavort, but never learned how.

As for the goat with the backyard trampoline–well, that’s a natural.

Frolicky Baby Goats

There must be something special about baby goats: see how patient all the other animals are with them. The people, too. I am told they grow up to be really quite large and ought not to be brought into the house, so that probably sinks my chance of getting one. I wonder how a baby goat would get along with my cats.

So Cute, You Could Plotz

You just can’t beat this. A chihuahua puppy hangs out with baby goats and wants to be like them. Well, you can hardly say they’re a bad influence! A lot of us would’ve turned out better, if we’d spent more time with baby goats and wound up taking after them.

Even if it does make you want to stand on the roof of your car.

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts

Baby goats just love to have fun, but cats are world-class experts at ignoring you. Sort of “irresistible force meets immovable object.” I’ve never played with a baby goat, although I’d love to; but I have been ignored by cats.

Full of Fun: Baby Goats

They’ll jump on anything that doesn’t run away–sleeping dogs, horses, bulls, and even human beings. And trampolines!

They’re baby goats, and they have the gift of joy.

Getting Your Goat?

Baby goats usually bounce around like they’re on springs; but look what happens when you add a trampoline. Note the grown-up goat who remains safely on the ground: there are old goats and bold goats, but no old, bold goats. And note the dog yapping in the background because he wants to get in on the fun.

There’s so much more to animals than anyone but Walter R. Brooks ever thought.

Video Treat: Baby Goats

You farm folks have seen all this before, but out here in leaf-blower country, baby goats are only a little less rare than centaurs. Anyway, these are cute.

You should’ve seen how Robbie the cat reacted when I played this. Something about a bunch of baby goats baa-ing really wound her up.