Pot, Yeah, Menthol, No!

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As funny as it is to read about, living in a New Jersey run by Democrats is not so funny to experience.

As they labor to get all their ducks in a row for the legalization of recreational marijuana, our geniuses in the legislature now set their eyes on banning menthol cigarettes (which at least have filters: joints don’t). They ignore any potential health effects of being stoned to the gills every day, while denouncing menthol cigarettes (https://whyy.org/articles/new-jersey-considers-ban-menthol-cigarettes/).

Critics say the ban will cause the state to lose some $80 million in cigarette tax revenues. Silly! Don’t you know the state never, never, never takes a hit? They’ll just raise the $80 million taxing something else–the hairs on your head, your windows: and hey, exhaling contributes to Global Warming, they could always have a breath tax.

And so the pro-choice crowd plans to take another choice away from adults.

I have never used pot myself. Have you ever had to endure the company of pot-heads? It’s boring! It’s worse than calisthenics.

So, never mind that unfunded pension crisis, our property taxes already being insupportably high, our wretched public schools, our state university becoming a parody of itself, MS13 setting up shop in all our major cities–hey, all that stuff can wait, we’re on a jihad against menthol!

Oh! I almost forgot one more potent argument for banning menthol cigarettes. The city of San Francisco has done it! And we want to be like San Francisco, don’t we?–where the sidewalks are heaped with… well, you know. And also we’d be the first state to ban menthol! We finally get to take the lead in something besides organized crime members per hundred residents.

Maybe after they ban menthol, they can get to work on that saltwater fishing license they’ve always dreamed of.

16 comments on “Pot, Yeah, Menthol, No!

  1. God save us from those who would save us. I’m not a smoker; never have been, but apparently the lessons of Prohibition have been completely forgotten. If this law in enacted, there will simply arise an underground market to meet the demand. Criminals will profit and little else will change.

    1. You really ought to move out west. 🙂

      That having been said, the county I live in is a liberal enclave, but the state is staunchly conservative.

    2. Humanity never learns lessons easily. The tempter’s sneer is hidden from their view and the cycle continues to repeat – as in the definition of insanity.

  2. I never understood how they just spent decades telling us how bad cigarettes are, only to tell us how great legalizing marijuana is. There is a double standard between the two. Marijuana has all the cons of cigarette smoking and some it doesn’t, like impairing judgement. I don’t really see any benefit to society for legalizing marijuana. The only reason they are for is for the tax money it will bring it, never mind the negative consequences.

    1. It broke my heart to see places I had known most of my life fall into disrepair. Buildings that were once used for productive ends are now used as dispensaries complete with zonked hippy-types sprawled out by the entryways.

      It does pump up the economy, but how can an economy based on getting stoned ever produce anything of value?

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