‘Shocking Injustice! Rioters Weren’t Paid for Rioting’ (2015)

Leftids keep promising us a “summer of rage,” unless we give in and let them have open borders and transgender bathrooms and jail for Climbit Change deniers. Two years ago, in Ferguson, MO, we got a preview of the sort of thing they want to do this summer. Only there was one slight glitch.


What’s this country coming to, when you can’t get paid for an honest day’s rioting?

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  1. It has been surprising how quiet things have been so far this summer. The latest figures show more people watched the Food Channel & Home & Gardens channel than watched CNN & MSNBC. Looks like the MSM aren’t reaching enough people with their fake news to cause any anarchy activities worth their coverage.

  2. Looks like they’re getting wound up fast. Besides Netflix signing the frightful due, the Obamas to spread their ‘wisdom’ across the airways once again, but Netflix has also decided celebrating Satanic blood sacrifices and having Presbyterian Pastors there to cheer them on is a great accomplishment and public service.

    We’ll see what Our Mighty Living God has to say about it.

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