‘A Lesson to the Credulous: the Cardiff Giant’ (2013)

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In 1869 most of the American public wanted to believe in the Cardiff Giant, and so they did–for a while.


The Cardiff Giant remains one of my all-time favorite hoaxes. It did no harm to anybody, and looking at it today, you’re amazed that if could have fooled anyone at all.

Unlike, say,the Climate Change hoax, which is intended to harm us in more ways than you can list.

5 comments on “‘A Lesson to the Credulous: the Cardiff Giant’ (2013)

  1. Funny. As I was having my coffee this morning, standing in my kitchen, I looked above toward my ceiling and just said “Lord, we sure are a gullible people. Why are se so gullible?” And in came this post lol.

    1. For a moment there I was afraid you were going to say you looked and saw the Cardiff Giant peeping through your kitchen window.

    2. No, but I’ll bet t was him my dad used to refer to as ‘the man upon the stairs who was not there.

  2. This is the first time I heard about the Cardiff Giant.
    My all-time favorite hoax is Bigfool…I mean Bigfoot.

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