Mr. Nature: The Okapi

When the 20th century started, this animal didn’t exist, scientifically. There were rumors of it, coming out of central Africa, but nothing official. Not until 1901.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with the only animal in the giraffe family that’s not a giraffe–the okapi. This one’s in a zoo. The wild ones live in the Congo rain forest.

This gorgeous animal illustrates an unsolvable problem in cryptozoology: once a cryptic creature actually turns up, it immediately ceases to be crytozoology and becomes just plain zoology. The poor cryptozoologists, by definition, can’t have any specimens!

One of my aunts gave me a wonderful toy okapi when I was about five years old: wish I still had it. It may be in my brother’s toy box.

We pray God defends and preserves these beautiful animals that He’s created.

4 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Okapi

  1. What a beautiful and gentle-looking creature. Normally, I read the post before I play the video, but this time, I reversed the order. I just kept saying “Awww. Awww. Awww.” throughout. I couldn’t quite get over watching it eat only the leaves that landed in the pond, even though there were many more on the ground near it. Beautiful! God never ceases to bless and surprise us with His creation. Thanks for bringing some of it here, Mr. Nature.

  2. That is a spectacularly beautiful creature. Peaceful, pretty and serene.

    I can’t be,iced that our God will ever let any of His creation to be lost forever.

  3. Thanks Mr. Nature for featuring the Okapi – such a neat creature! I am always amazed by its long tongue – whoa! I wonder what else you might find in your brother’s toy box 🙂

    1. Well, there’s my toy box, too, but over the years, some of the toys got mixed up. I have a few of his, and he has a few of mine.

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