Democrat Religion: The Book of Collusion

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Browsing around assorted news stories this weekend, and reading the comments from assorted readers, I think I have to say that Democrats are now wedded to the Russian Collusion Myth: that is, Hillary Clinton is the rightful president–yeesh, the Once and Future President, if you will–but she was cheated out of it by Donald Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians. It has been added to their scriptures, along with some verses declaring that no illegal aliens voted for Hillary, not even in California or Chicago.

Go ahead, ask them what form the Great Collusion took. Like, what did the Russians actually do? Government investigators swear there was no tampering with the voting machines and not a single vote was changed, or in any way affected, by anything “the Russians,” whoever they were, did. What did “the Russians” do, to cheat Hillary out of the presidency? And why would they not want to deal with a corrupt politician–that would be Hillary–whose cooperation they already knew to be always on sale? A big enough donation to the Clinton Foundation, and you get the nuclear launch codes. If anything, Russian bad guys would have wanted Hillary to be president!

But the Democrats sit down by the waters of the Potomac and weep. It’s so unfair! It was Her Turn to be president! Her turn! She simply could not have lost without all that Russian cheating!

I’m old enough to notice that Democrats never got this upset about Russian tanks rolling into Hungary.

It remains to be seen whether their faith in Her Turn is strong enough to move them to nominate Hillary again. Once more into the breach, dear friends! This time it’ll work! This time we’ll keep the Russians out, and this time she will win!

I hope they try it. I really hope they do.


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  1. It’s the ultimate demagoguery. The big, scary Russians, with an economy which rivals that of Italy, through methods unexplained, somehow stole the election. Even more ridiculous, for some reason they worked to favor a candidate who would stand up to them over a candidate that had allowed them to gain control over a significant portion of the US’ uranium source.

    Many foreign governments seek to influence elections, even if its as simple as the occasional public statement favoring certain policies. The USSR was happy to see Carter defeat Ford in 1976, because they knew Carter would go easy on them. As I understand it, he told them as much, in so many words. I don’t remember any gnashing of teeth after that election with regard to the “Russians”.

    It is to laugh.

  2. The more Hillary is out there opening her mouth, the better for Trump and the Trump Train. The MSM is a bunch of white noise (more like irritating static). God’s purposes for America are coming to pass. When America needed Washington, he appeared. The same for FDR & Reagan. And now Trump has appeared. Some say he is like King David. I think he is more like King Solomon – like the Bible says, “Wisdom is proved right by her children.” Take a back seat and enjoy the show – or as Alfred E. Neuman says, “What? Me worry.”

    1. Before the election, I prayed fervently for this nation. When I woke up that Wednesday morning I was quite pleasantly surprised by the news.

      My hope in not president, he is merely a functionary, but Mr. Trump seems to be taking some important stands and I thank God that we have him.

  3. Yes, I agree. It is early yet, and the multi-plots are still simmering, but as we pray, trust God and know that He has all things in hand, we should put
    our trust in Him and watch to see what He will do, in faith.

    1. I pray often for several world leaders. Some are people I disagree with, but I still respect their position and believe that they will do the right thing, in the long run.

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